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Our flagship program. Get hands-on feedback from our team. We help you create and optimize your growth strategy, acquisition channels, landing pages, ads, and every other asset you build in our course.

  • With the Full Program you get:
  • Access to the growth course for 6 months
  • Direct access to our team of growth experts
  • Unlimited reviews of all marketing channels and assets you create during the program
  • Option for ongoing mentorship after you finish the program
  • Discount pricing for teams
"These are the people we go to for growth advice. They pointed out what we needed to change in our Facebook/Instagram strategy and landing pages — and it made the difference."
— Brian Krall, Tovala, YC W17

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I'm in a different time zone than the United States — can I still take the course?

Yes, absolutely. The course can be taken from anywhere in the world.

How is this better than other growth courses?

A few ways:

1. Other growth training programs are designed for very senior growth practitioners and late-stage companies.

These programs are fantastic for those looking to learn advanced theory and high-level skills like team building and growth modeling. Our course is designed for those looking for actionable strategies and tactics that can be applied immediately to begin growing their businesses.

2. Other courses only focus on 1-2 channels.

If you’re just looking to learn how to run Facebook ads, then there are cheaper options out there. Our course goes much deeper. We teach you how to develop a growth strategy, build and manage growth channels (ads, content/SEO, cold outreach, etc.), design landing pages, optimize your conversion rates, and much more.

3. Other programs are lecture-based, with very little actual application.

We're primarily hands-on projects. We give you the necessary knowledge, but more importantly, we’ve designed projects to help you apply those learnings directly to your business.

4. Other programs don’t offer mentorship, feedback, and support.

With the Full Program, you get 1-on-1 mentorship and tactical feedback from our team. You can also ask our instructors questions on our forum at any time. Plus, you’ll join a community of founders and companies working to help each other grow.

How is this worth the price?

Quite frankly, because it works. You’ll acquire the skills that 100’s of companies have used to produce hundreds of thousands and even millions in incremental revenue. We strongly believe (and have data to prove) that the program is one of the highest-ROI investments a company can make.

Who on my team should go through the program?

Our program is a fit for anyone who needs to learn the step-by-step tools to acquire new customers: primarily founders/business owners, junior marketing hires, employees of early-stage startups, and even senior marketers who come from a different area of expertise and/or want a refresher on the latest channels and tactics.

How personalized is the training?

All of the plan types have elements of personalization. With the Full Program, you have access to growth advisors who will work with you to build a custom growth strategy, review and provide feedback on your work, and give strategic recommendations. For those on the Self-Serve plan, you won’t have access to a growth advisor, but the curriculum is designed to guide you down the tracks most relevant to your business to ensure you’re focused on the highest-ROI strategies, channels, and tactics.

What will I be capable of doing after the training?

  • Finding new ways to get customers for your business.
  • Intelligently validating startup ideas.
  • Finding the email addresses of your ideal customer.
  • Writing cold emails that compel people to respond.
  • Writing content that gets you customers, not just readers.
  • Making ads that people click. For the right reasons.
  • Sourcing high-quality content writers.
  • Setting up referral programs that people actually use.
  • Writing, building, and testing modern landing pages.
  • Running ads on all the major channels, with real best practices from the industry.
  • Tracking everything your visitors do on your site.
  • Creating a high-converting onboarding experience.

How much should I budget for advertising spend, outside of the program?

Ads don't apply to all businesses, and some startups don't have the budget to test ads. We figure this out with you in the strategy work you do your first day.

That being said, if ads are part of your strategy, you'll want to set aside $3-5K USD. Anything less than that and you won't get reliable data on whether people will convert through ads.

What if I want more mentorship and feedback?

Full Program students can purchase additional rounds of feedback on an ad hoc basis. This can be done during and after you take the course.

How does it actually work day-to-day?

Here’s the daily cycle:

  • There’s one or two hours of reading beforehand. (Say, if you’re learning to write landing page copy, there are readings on how to write a good landing page.)
  • Then you start the project itself. This generally takes two to four hours. (Keeping with our landing page example, you’d actually be writing copy in a Dropbox Paper doc.)
  • While you do the project and readings, you’re in our WikiForum asking our instructors questions about tricky concepts and places you get stuck.
  • Then, you’ll submit the project through Zendesk for our feedback.
  • An instructor will give you feedback. (Keeping with the landing page example, they’ll be leaving comments on the side, saying things like, “You missed this value prop” and “Make this copy punchier by doing X.”)
  • You’ll make their changes and submit a new revision.
  • We do this as many times as it takes to get to “agency-level” quality. (What we would approve as a deliverable on our agency side.)

Other example project days include:

  • Ad copy (you work in dropbox paper with comments)
  • Facebook and Instagram ads (you work in the ads manager, actually make ads, and give us access to it)
  • Ad creatives (this is in Sketch)
  • Conversion rate optimization project (you’ll be working in google sheets, GA, and mixpanel)

Note: For Self-Serve, you’ll have access to the exact same curriculum and projects as in the Full Program, but you’ll be working through it without our mentorship and project reviews.

How long will it take for me to finish the Full Program?

With the Full Program, you can take up to six months to go through the material and spend as little as an hour a day — and still finish the material. Many students go this route. We know things inevitably pop up for startups: product changes, fundraising, ops problems, and so forth.

That being said, the program is structured so that you could finish the work in 4 weeks if you devoted about half a workday (4-5 hours per day). It's pretty intense -- but it produces wins faster if you desperately need to grow.

But, ultimately, your schedule is up to you.

I’m trying to up my skills, is the course right for me?

We think of “skills” as knowing all the tools that actually lead to customers in a way that is profitable and that can scale.

Specifically, our program is designed to help you set up and optimize the two or three acquisition channels most likely to work for your type of business: that means you work on everything from copywriting to landing page design, conversion tracking, ad setup, and A/B testing.

How do I pitch this to my boss to have this paid for?

Most teams/individuals justify the cost as an investment in growth; the goal is that you've profitably made more from the customers you get so that the course pays for itself.

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