Hire great marketers vetted for the skills you need.

Demand Curve curates a premium pool of marketers available for full-time positions in the US and Canada.

We're highly effective at screening for the top 2.5% of marketers who apply to our program. We then train them for 200+ hours to pass a high bar of expertise for you.

Who are we? We're the team behind the renowned marketing agency, Bell Curve. We've grown Microsoft Office 365, Envoy, Imperfect Produce, Clearbit, Tovala, Perfect Keto, Outschool, and 100+ others.

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Demand Curve partner Asher Abramson gives the Google Launchpad growth talk.
“Finding strong marketers is hard. Our senior team wasn't sure where to look. Demand Curve’s marketers are consistently high quality. They de-risked our hiring.”
— Jeremy Gurewitz, Imperfect Produce
“Demand Curve’s graduates were voraciously data-driven and knocked down any wall to get the job done. We suddenly realized what a professional marketer is supposed to do.”
— Mat Vogels, Zestful

Here's how you hire a great marketer.

If you're using “4+ years of experience" as a bar for screening candidates, you're not hiring effectively. In marketing, the number of years spent on the job isn't a reliable signal for the ability to drive growth results.

Demand Curve's Marketers

We train marketers with existing industry experience. In our 9 week program, we upgrade their foundation on:

  • Building full-funnel growth models
  • Running hypothesis-driven experimentation

Next, we go deep on:

  • Paid advertising and organic channels
  • Copywriting
  • Email marketing
  • Conversion rate optimization
  • B2B outreach and marketing automation

We train them with real companies. This isn’t pure theory.

Finally, we test to confirm they'll succeed in these roles. Students pay for training, so there are no placement fees.

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Most Marketers

Compare our marketers to your typical candidate:

An aspiring marketer learns by reading blog posts.
They get hired in a junior role.
On the job, they piece together enough knowledge to be useful, but they lack genuine competency.
Their skills become outdated after a few years.
They quit and rewrite their resumé to show off their patchwork of skills.
They’re hired by an employer who doesn’t audit for proficiency in any of these skills, or for a growth foundation that can adapt to their company.

Most marketers lack senior mentors to teach them. It's typically juniors teaching other juniors. For 200+ hours, we’re the expert mentors they've wanted.

We audit our marketers' resumés to confirm they are experts at the marketing skills they list. And, because we spend 200+ hours with them before you hire them, we can tell if they're a true fit for your team's culture.

Who is Demand Curve?

Demand Curve is two businesses: We’re the renowned marketing agency, Bell Curve, plus we’re a Y Combinator-funded marketer hiring program. That's what you're reading about now.

Our agency team has grown Microsoft, Envoy, Streak, Clearbit, Tovala, Perfect Keto, and 100+ others. The marketers you hire from us are trained by that team.

We also write TechCrunch’s growth column, our work is turned into case studies for major ad channels like Quora, and we’ve been interviewed by the major tech podcasts: Indie Hackers and Mixergy.

Y Combinator

Hire the best marketers. Pay no placement fees.

There are no hidden fees. Our marketers pay us for our 200+ hours of training.

Companies We Place At

“Our existing marketing leads weren't good enough. Demand Curve sends us candidates that we actually hire.”
— Mat Vogels, Zestful

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