Startups get 1 year of free mParticle. Enterprises get $25k in credit.

Many of the top B2C companies in our community evolve to mParticle. It’s the backbone of a proper growth stack.

So we partnered with mParticle to get enormous discounts and preferred onboarding for companies that qualify.

mParticle's used by some of hottest consumer brands:

Why do we recommend mParticle to marketers?

mParticle collects, cleans, and routes your web (and app) data into your favorite marketing and analytics tools. Once you’ve set up mParticle, you can set up any other tool in minutes.

Benefits include:

  • mParticle’s audience segmentation significantly improves revenue from marketing campaigns (everything from Facebook ads to email).
  • Once mParticle is installed, marketers can connect their customer data to 300+ integrations without going through engineering. Marketing moves way faster.
  • mParticle makes handling user data, governance, and privacy much easier.
Venn diagram of Agency and Marketing Hire combining into the DC Growth Program.

How can mParticle help you grow?

Improve your ads

An in-depth guide to writing the above-the-fold section of your website. Learn the advanced strategies used by copywriting experts.

Protect your customers’ data

Never hit someone with an unwanted piece of messaging. Easily comply with privacy laws.

Get better metric tracking

Get more accurate marketing performance data across all of your tools. CAC, LTV, ARPU? mParticle makes it easier.

Personalize your marketing

Automatically segment users based on their behavior and demographics to send personalized emails, push notifications that convert better.

Choose your deal

We worked with mParticle to get you a serious deal based on your business stage—exclusively for Demand Curve community members.

Early-stage B2C startups

Get 1 year free

mParticle is offering startups one year free of their enterprise customer data platform.

Later-stage B2C companies

Get $25k credits

Later-stage companies (250+ employees or 1M+ tracking events per month), get $25,000 mParticle credits for free.