Get $50,000 off Segment. And get one year free for most major marketing tools.

Every company Demand Curve trains in growth eventually adopts Segment. It’s the backbone of a proper growth stack.

So we partnered with Segment to get an enormous discount for startups who qualify.

Why does Demand Curve recommend Segment to marketers?

With Segment, you collect web visitor and customer data once then send it anywhere. It takes minutes to setup then powers all the rest.

Three key benefits:


Segment's audience segmentation significantly improves revenue from Facebook/Insta ads and email campaigns.


Segment lets marketers install growth tools without going through engineering. Marketing moves way faster.


Segment makes handling user data, governance, and GDPR much easier. Without it, you're kind of in the stone ages.

How does Segment improve revenue and decrease CAC?


Better Facebook & Instagram performance. (And other channels.)

Segment can automatically create Facebook and Instagram ad audiences out of subsets of your users. You quickly segment your users by their demographics then target them with ads that are micro-tailored to what they care about. We see this improve CTR's by 2-4x.


Way better marketing personalization

Segmenting users also improves your email campaigns. Automatically personalize your drip emails using each user's own website/app/shopping activity. We often see this 2-3x email-to-purchase rates.

This is made possible by Segment’s automatic identity resolution: they combine each user’s history across all your pages, apps, email campaigns, and shopping activity.


Insta-clean marketing data

Thanks to Segment's identity resolution and automatic attribution, you get more accurate CAC, ROAS, and LTV metrics. How? They resolve, store, and route your marketing data more cleanly and accurately.


Easily solve data governance

Protect the integrity of your users’ data and enforce enterprise standards that everyone on your team can quickly get comfortable with.