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"I learned in minutes what would've taken me months of testing or scouring free sources elsewhere. Overall, I'd say I leveled up 10x by taking their course."
— Ryan Wegner, Audm, YC S17

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What’s included in Self Serve?

Our Self-Serve program gives you complete access to the exact curriculum used in our Full Program. You learn the same material as in the Full Program, but you complete it at your own pace and without receiving mentorship and feedback from the Demand Curve team.

Who is Self-Serve for?

  1. Anyone looking for a more affordable option than our Full Program (priced at $5,800).
  2. Anyone who wants to take a DIY approach to growth. Learn and apply the course material without hands-on mentorship from our team.

What’s the refund policy?

We do not offer any refunds. But you can easily pause or cancel your monthly subscription (which starts after 3 months) at anytime by contacting us at

What if I decide I want your mentorship after starting Self-Serve?

Not a problem. We’ll credit you $1,000 towards your upgrade if you decide to do the Full Program instead.

How much time does it take?

The curriculum is built to work with your schedule. Depending on your bandwidth, you can start finding growth wins in as little as four weeks, or as much as six months.

Some students devote half their workday (four hours/day) to the material - they start acquiring customers as early as Week 3 and can complete the whole program in about 1 month.

Other students have less bandwidth - they can spend as little as two hours a week on the material and see results within six months.

How do I pitch this to my boss to have this paid for?

Most teams/individuals justify the cost as an investment in growth; the goal is that you've profitably made more from the customers you get so that the course pays for itself.

What happens at the end of 3 months? Can I keep accessing the curriculum?

After 3 months, you'll be able to continue accessing the curriculum, and all its updates and additions, for $99 per month. This subscription will start automatically, and you must contact us at to cancel it at any time.

We do not offer PDF exports of our course.