LinkedIn Organic & Paid Ads

Houston Golden (BAMF Media) and AJ Wilcox (B2Linked)

With founder of BAMF Media, Houston Golden. LinkedIn is the hardest channel to make work. We'll show you how. Learn how to turn LinkedIn into an organic lead source. This is the most cost effective way to get B2B leads. Plus, hear from B2Linked's ads expert AJ Wilcox on how to cost-effectively run LinkedIn ads. No one has spent more on LinkedIn ads than AJ.

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Webinars are hosted by Julian Shapiro of Demand Curve. He's the author of the growth guide, a growth columnist at TechCrunch, and co-founder of Bell Curve — the agency that's grown over 100 venture-funded startups. You can hear him on the Indie Hackers and Mixergy podcasts.

✓ For all founders and marketers ✓ Learn the advanced tactics that work for our clients ✓ 45-minute webinars ✓ Recordings will not be shared after the event; try to attend live

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Demand Curve has trained many YC company founders and employees — and are a course we regularly recommend. Growth marketing expertise is a critical component of startup success.

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