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Instagram Story Video Length: How Long Your Videos Should Be

Instagram Stories can be up to 15 seconds long. Learn how to use Instagram Stories effectively for your business.

min read
How to Find Emails from LinkedIn

This is how you get an email address from a LinkedIn profile.

min read
Types of Google Ads: Ad Formats, Campaign Types & Best Practices for 2022

In this post, we'll help you figure out exactly what type of Google ads are right for your business. 

min read
Cold Email Subject Line Do's and Don'ts (Plus, 36 Examples)

Cold email subject lines can make or break your outreach campaigns. Find out the do’s and don’ts of writing better subject lines to improve your campaign results.

min read
12 Cold Email Templates and Examples to Inspire Your Outreach

Use these cold email templates and examples to craft high-converting email outreach. They cover everything from booking a sales call to landing a partnership.

min read
How to Write a Cold Email: A 9-Step Guide

Follow these steps to write cold emails that get responses—and conversions.

min read
Email marketing best practices and tips for 2022

Most of the legacy advice you’ll find on the internet is outdated or misleading. This blog post breaks down a list of 10 email marketing best practices and tips that have been rigorously tested this year.

min read
How to Write a Marketing Email: 17 Steps to More Conversions

Follow these steps to write great marketing emails—the kind that connects with subscribers and drives conversions.

min read
Email Segmentation: How to Personalize Your Campaigns for More Conversions

Most companies—from small businesses to venture-backed startups—simply get segmentation wrong. In this post, we'll simplify email segmentation so you know which strategies actually matter.

min read
The 9 Most Important Email Marketing KPIs

Digital marketing trends change fast, but one thing has been incredibly consistent for years: the effectiveness of email marketing. In this post, we focus on the KPIs that practicing marketers at top companies are using to build their email marketing engines.

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