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SaaS Growth Through Good Old-Fashioned Outreach with Bernard Huang of Clearscope

Bernard Huang shares how he grew his SEO SaaS company Clearscope through cold outreach and something he calls "professional relationship management."

min read
5 Steps Amanda Natividad Took to 60x Her Audience in a Year (and Keep Growing It)

We asked Amanda Natividad how she built an audience of 100k+ followers on Twitter alone. Here are five takeaways.

min read
The Complete Glossary of Marketing Terms

A glossary with 120 marketing terms. Use it as a reference source whenever you’re not sure what something means.

min read
What Is Brand Marketing? & How to Build Your Brand Identity in 5 Steps

Brand marketing is a way of setting your product apart by shaping perceptions of your company’s brand. We explain how to do that through four important brand elements.

min read
What Is Growth Hacking? A Framework for Growth

"Growth hacking" is one of the most misunderstood terms in marketing. In this post, we bust some myths about it—and provide a better way to approach growth.

min read
Facebook Ads Targeting Options: All the Ways to Reach Your Ideal Customer

Use Facebook Ads targeting to reach the people most likely to buy from you. In this post, we'll explore what the best targeting options are and how to use them effectively.

min read
Google Display Ads: The Expert Guide for Increasing Your Reach

Done well, display ads can help boost your other growth channels. In this post, we explain all things display advertising—from targeting options to how to create more appealing ads.

min read
The Complete Guide to Organic Viral Marketing

Although you can’t hack virality, you actually have more control than you think. If you use these tactics, you’ll increase your odds of going viral.

min read
What is the Ideal Instagram Video Length? (5 Formats Compared)

Doing well with IG video content isn't about how long or short your video is. It's about whether you understand the nuances of each format and work within their constraints to make videos people actually want to watch. Here's how to do it.

min read
Cold Outreach 101: How to Send Better Cold Emails

When it’s done right, cold emailing is one of the highest ROI activities for growing your business. Here's how to create a stronger cold email campaign.

min read

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