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How to Find Emails from LinkedIn

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By default, you won’t be able to see someone’s email on LinkedIn unless you have a first-degree connection with them. But there are some effective ways to get around that—and they don’t involve any sketchy black-hat tactics. (We recommend avoiding those!)

Here are our favorite ways to find someone’s email on LinkedIn. Use them to prepare cold email campaigns that reach exactly the inboxes you want them to.

Extract an email address from a LinkedIn profile

There are two methods we recommend for extracting email addresses directly from LinkedIn profiles: ContactOut and Gem.com.

Method 1 (free): ContactOut

Install the Google Chrome extension ContactOut from the Chrome Web Store.

Use ContactOut to find email addresses
Use ContactOut to get anyone’s email address while on their LinkedIn profile.

Go to the LinkedIn user profile. ContactOut shows you their contact information automatically.

It comes with 20 search credits and 50 contacts/month. You can upgrade to a paid version for more contacts and functionality.

Method 2 (paid): Gem.com

The Gem.com Chrome extension is another effective email extractor tool for LinkedIn profiles. It’s exceptionally accurate because it pulls from multiple email databases.

Although it’s a paid resource, you can start with a free trial. Gem also offers a free period for early-stage startups. To get pricing details, you’ll need to contact their sales team.

Here’s how to use it:

  1. Sign up for Gem.com and install the Chrome extension.
  2. Go to the LinkedIn user profile.
  3. Click on the “More” button under their name, job title, and connections.
  4. Select “Save to PDF.”
  5. The extension uses automation to display email and social media information.
use gem.com to find email addresses through linkedin
Find emails with Gem.

How to find someone’s email on LinkedIn manually

Sometimes, an email extractor like ContactOut won't be able to determine a LinkedIn account's email address. If that’s the case, you might be able to deduce their business email through trial and error.

First, you'll need to find the domain name of the company that person works for. Typically, most companies use the same email pattern for all their employees.

Here are some examples of common email schemas:

  • firstname@companyname.com, like bob@trucks.com
  • firstname.lastname@companyname.com, like bob.smith@trucks.com
  • firstname.lastinitial@companyname.com, like bob.s@trucks.com

Chances are, your target email address follows one of these email patterns. We recommend a couple of ways to check: an email finder tool or LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Email finder tool

When you enter a company domain name in Hunter.io, it returns the most common email pattern associated with that company, as well as the email addresses it can find.

Email finder tool hunter.io
You can use Hunter.io as an email finder tool.

Make a free account for 25 complimentary searches per month.

How to get emails from LinkedIn using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Another option is to use LinkedIn’s premium sales-prospecting platform, LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Pricing starts at $79.99/month per user for a core subscription, so this isn’t the best option if you’re on a tight budget. But if you have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator membership, here’s how you can use it for email lookup:

  1. Conduct a search on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Compared to a standard LinkedIn account, a Sales Navigator account lets you see more information on LinkedIn profiles you’re not connected with.
  2. Once you have a lead’s company name, search for it on Google to find its website’s domain name.
  3. Next, run another Google search. This time, enter the person’s name and company domain name in the search bar, to see if their email is findable through Google. Experiment with different email schemas, like the formats listed earlier (e.g., bob@trucks.com).
linkedin sales navigator
Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator as a prospecting tool. Image source: Martech.org

Export email addresses in bulk from LinkedIn

If you're trying to extract emails from LinkedIn profiles for prospecting and lead generation, it can take a lot of time to do them individually. Here's how to do it in bulk.

Use LinkedIn Search to pull together a contact list of people based on their job title, industry, company size, seniority, and much more.

Use a Chrome extension like Skrapp to determine which of those people it can automatically find an email address for.

email finder tool skrapp
Use Skrapp for bulk email exports from LinkedIn. Source: Skrapp.io

You can export that list of emails as a CSV to manipulate in Excel or Google Sheets, or to import to your CRM.

What to do if the email address doesn’t work

Not every email you find will actually work. If you run into this, you can try doing one of the following:

  • Different Chrome extensions, email finder tools, and email verifiers use their own databases. If one method gave you a non-functional email address, try another.
  • Try to find the person on other social media platforms. Check their company website to see if you can find their business email address there. Or do a Google search of the person’s name to see if they have a personal website. They may have their personal email address listed on it.
  • If you still can’t find their email address, you could send them a LinkedIn connection request. If they accept, you should be able to see their contact info on their profile.

For more tactics to help you speed up and optimize your email outreach, check out our article on how to send better cold emails. It provides recommendations for other software and social networks, besides LinkedIn, where you can source and send lead-generation messages.

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