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How it Works

1. Tell us your hiring goals

Complete a short intake form so we know who you're looking to hire (takes less than 2 minutes).

2. Talk with a growth strategist

We're a team of growth experts. Not recruiters. We can serve as a strategic thought partner if you're not 100% sure who you should be hiring.

3. We identify your perfect match

We’ll dig through our treasure trove of growth talent to find the best match possible.

4. Email introduction

You'll get email introduction within 3 days to the partner we think will serve you best.

5. Check-in

If the first match doesn't work out, we'll keep making introductions until you find the perfect fit.

All of the above is provided 100% free of charge.
There is no obligation, no catch, and no stress.
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We've worked with the Demand Curve team extensively, and follow their agency recommendations.
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Jeremy Gurewitz
VP of Growth, Imperfect Foods

Why work with us?

Vetted, premium talent

Only the top 3% of our network gets accepted. We interview and assess everyone.

We’re growth experts

Not recruiters. We're a true thought partner and ensure you're making the best hire possible.

Power in community

Our community of 90,000 growth professionals gives us unparalleled access to the best talent.

Quick matches

Connect with a top-tier agency or freelancer within 72 hours.

Zero risk, zero cost

Save months sourcing talent on your own. And pay nothing.

Startup friendly

Our partners work with budgets as low as $3,000.

Don't take our word for it

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I was pouring money into ads agencies that never delivered. Now, I've got a partner who gets it. Game changer!
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Charlie Grinnell
Founder, RightMetric
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I told them what I needed, and boom! They found us the perfect person for the job.
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Aidan Hornsby
Founder, DoubleUp
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It worked. Got matched with a freelancer who's now a key part of the team.
Elie Schoppik
Rob Fraser
Founder, Outway

Any and all growth needs

Our network of agencies and freelancers all have years of experience helping clients grow. They can help with:
Marketing & Growth Strategy
Paid Media
Email Marketing
Social Media
Influencer Marketing
Web Design & Development
Video Production
Offline Marketing
Brand Marketing
Personal Branding
Fractional CMO

Ready to find your perfect freelancer or agency?

It's 100% free and we'll send you a match within 3 days.
It takes just 2 minutes to get started.


Does this service cost anything?

No. We offer this service entirely for free. No obligations, no catches, no stress.

What happens if I’m not satisfied with my match?

We're on this journey with you. If the first match doesn't work out, we'll keep making introductions until you find the perfect fit.

How much do the agencies/freelancers charge?

Our partners determine their rates based on factors like specialty, experience, location, and project scope. But rest easy knowing that we have partners who can accommodate a wide range of services and budgets.

What is your vetting process?

We admit only the top 3% of talent into our network. Each partner faces a rigorous vetting process, which encompasses interviews, skills assessments, and reference checks. We prioritize experience, domain knowledge, stellar communication skills, and professionalism.

In addition, our community of over 80,000 founders, executives, and marketing leaders gives us exposure to thousands of providers. More importantly, it gives us access to countless reviews and firsthand accounts of their performance. Subpar talent is quickly identified, while the best rise to the top.

Finally, we enforce a three-strikes policy for any agency or freelancer in our network. Should they fail to meet our standards in work delivery or communication three times, they are promptly removed.

Do you sell my information?

No, we do not sell your information. You will only receive communications from Demand Curve and the agency or freelancer we introduce you to.

Furthermore, you will not be introduced to more than three agencies or freelancers unless you specifically request it.

We hate spam just as much as you do!

What if I'm not sure what I need or who I need to hire?

That's completely normal and okay! We come across this situation often.

As growth experts ourselves, we're more than happy to act as your thought partner and address your questions, strategize, and figure out what's best for you based on your current situation, goals, and resources.

You can grab some time to chat with us here.

Don't you run your own agency?

Sort of! The growth agency, Bell Curve, is our sister company. And they are part of the Demand Curve talent network.

But, as with all agencies, Bell Curve isn't a fit for every company. And there are only so many clients they can take on.

So, after saying "sorry, we can't help you" one too many times, we decided to create this matchmaking service to ensure we can help any and all companies with their hiring needs.