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Hiring Marketers: The 5 Highest-quality Sites

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Where to hire marketers from

These are the most reliable sites for hiring a quality marketer:

  • We Work Remotely
  • AngelList
  • Glassdoor
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Mashable Jobs

Which should you use? It depends on what you're looking for.

The first step in hiring a marketer is knowing what type of marketer you need. It really matters.

Are you looking to hire a digital marketing manager with startup experience? Try a listing on AngelList. Or, are you a media company needing marketing professionals with video content creation experience and buying TV spots?

If you're looking for an agency or freelancer, we can help.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these sites and who they’re best for.

We Work Remotely

Best if you’re looking for: Remote marketers

Cost: Starts at $299 per listing

Hire remote marketers from We Work Remotely

If you don’t need a local hire, use We Work Remotely to put your job listing in front of marketers and freelancers around the world. Hiring remotely is a marketing strategy that opens you up to finding qualified marketing talent not limited by proximity.

Your new search engine marketing strategist doesn't need to be in your city to help your marketing efforts on Google.

One of the most helpful features of the site is its remote job description template. How you write your job description is almost as important as the job boards you choose. Use their template to get more people to respond to your job postings, regardless of the platform you post on.


Best if you’re looking for: Marketers with startup experience

Cost: Free

Hire marketers with startup experience on AngelList

AngelList was originally a website for angel investors to connect with startups looking for funding. It’s expanded into the largest startup jobs board with over 100,000 startups using the platform to recruit. As a result, it’s full of marketers with years of startup experience.

Say a marketer ran the SEO and social media marketing campaigns for a previously successful SaaS startup. They may be able to bring over the specific skill set needed to complete your company’s marketing team.

AngelList also has a dedicated page for remote work and is another excellent option for finding marketers who work remotely.


Best if you’re looking for: Marketers who do their research

Cost: Free trial, $65-$250 per job listing

Hire from Glassdoor

Marketers that do their due diligence on future employers use Glassdoor. With the largest database of employer reviews, Glassdoor is where marketers go when they want to find out what current and former employees think about working there. If you’ve been around for a couple of years, they probably have reviews about your company.

Glassdoor provides detailed analytics you can use to inform your hiring process. You can see how many people check out your profile each month, delve into company ratings, and analyze how your company compares to its competitors. Take advantage of these metrics to understand how candidates perceive you and how you improve.

One unique feature of their platform is that it allows you to target jobs on specific competitor profiles. So if you’re a small payroll company, you can pay to show your ads to marketers looking at positions at ADP. This helps you get in front of relevant talent that otherwise wouldn’t seek out your company.

LinkedIn Jobs

Best if you’re looking for: Corporate experience

Cost: Pay-per-click pricing capped by budget

Recruit using LinkedIn

With over half a billion users, LinkedIn is the Facebook for business. Because its users use LinkedIn as their online resume, LinkedIn has the most comprehensive and up-to-date database on career data in the world. This means that you can use it to find someone with the exact qualifications and experience you’re looking for.

You use LinkedIn for specificity. When you know what you want.

It’s simple to use LinkedIn Recruiter to narrow down candidates with relevant experience. Are you looking for a new content marketing expert? Filter your search to content marketers in your area who have spent at least 5 years in that role. And then reach out to them instantly using LinkedIn’s InMail feature.

Tip: If you have an ideal marketer in mind, you can find them with the “Find more people like” feature to discover other LinkedIn users with similar characteristics.

The downside to using LinkedIn for recruiting? It’s what everyone else uses, so you’re competing directly with thousands the dozens of other companies sending inquiries.

If you’re a large company and have recruiters who can invest the time to reach out to candidates and can stand out from the noise, LinkedIn may be a worthwhile option. Otherwise, more curated, less competitive job boards may work better.

Mashable Jobs

Best if you’re looking for: Technology-focused marketers

Cost: Starts at $259 per month

Mashable Jobs

Mashable is a popular news brand that attracts over 45 million monthly visitors. They drive a chunk of that traffic to their jobs board.

Because most of their content focuses on technology, Mashable Jobs is most effective for getting in front of marketers looking for jobs in the tech or media industries. It’s why enterprises like Discover, Yelp, and ADP use Mashable Jobs to grow out their marketings orgs.

Use Mashable Jobs as a backup option rather than the primary place you recruit from. Their user experience is dated and less intuitive than the other options on this list. So people will have a more difficult time discovering you on their platform.

Demand Curve's Matchmaking Service

Best if you’re looking for: Growth-focused agencies or freelancers

Cost: Free!

We have a completely free matchmaking service to connect startups with vetted growth agencies.

We use our community of nearly 100,000 to find and vet the top growth agencies and freelancers. We'll help you find the perfect fit for you—for free.

Before we go

There’s no perfect way to hire a marketer. You may need to try a combination of multiple sites to find the right fit.

In fact, hiring a marketer in-house may not even be the right decision for your company. Instead, you could train someone on your team to acquire advanced marketing skills using Demand Curve’s Growth Program.

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