Go from unknown to Un-ignorable

Un-ignorable is a 21-day group challenge for marketers and founders who want to build an audience of future buyers.

You’ll discover how to create un-ignorable content that drives awareness, trust, and—most importantly—sales.

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Katelyn Bourgoin
CEO – Customer Camp

Building an audience is f*cking hard

You’ve likely spent hours painstakingly crafting Twitter threads, LinkedIn posts, or TikTok videos you hoped would go viral…

But instead got 4 likes.

Maybe you’ve tried copying competitors, using “proven templates”, engagement hacking, and jumping on trends and yet… 👉👇

Copying others and hoping it’ll work for you is a bad strategy. 

But there is a better way…

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Zain Kahn
The Audience Building course has been game-changing for me, both personally and professionally. Their frameworks have helped me go from 0 to 450k followers in 1 year with a consistent, repeatable playbook.

Un-ignorable is a 21-day group challenge

You’ll learn how to create thumb-stoppingly good content.

Content that makes YOU un-ignorable.

We won’t just tell you WHAT works. We’ll teach you WHY it works based on timeless psychology principles. And you’ll apply everything you learn with support from us and other smart marketers and founders.

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Amanda Natividad
This is the most efficient and jam-packed course I've ever taken. I've published threads that have gotten 1 million impressions, and I grew my Twitter following from 8k to 100k+ in a year. I added 1k newsletter subscribers in one month, and I'm already getting multiple offers for sponsorships.

Is Un-ignorable right for you?

Has imposter syndrome or self-doubt kept you from getting started?

Struggling to overcome the "cold start" problem (getting traction when you're starting from zero)?

Have you worked for hours on a piece of content only to get 2 likes?

Are you a solo founder or marketing-team-of-one struggling to publish content consistently without a team to hold you accountable?

Have you had moments of success, only to see the results vanish into thin air as your go-to tactics become ineffective?

Are you interested in building an audience but NOT if it means resorting to click-baity, spammy methods?

Already have a decent audience but unable to generate any revenue from it?

If you can relate to any of these, Un-ignorable is for you

It’s time to become Un-ignorable

Un-ignorable isn’t another online course that you’ll buy and forget about—it’s a call-to-arms.

We’re headed into a recession. The people and brands that survive and thrive in a downturn economy are the ones that:

  • Deeply understand their buyers
  • Know how to earn their attention
  • Can turn attention into intention (ie. attract future buyers and drive sales)

If you want to build an audience the smart way (rather than creating clickbait that generates followers but not trust) — Un-ignorable was built for you.

How it works

Learn the WHY behind the HOW

There are countless audience building courses out there. Most are taught by creators who built a large following and explain HOW they did it.

Un-ignorable focuses on the WHY behind the HOW. We’ll explain the timeless psychological principles behind viral content. And you'll learn "the rules "of the algorithms… so you know when to break them.

Deeply understand your audience

The best marketers aren’t the ones who know the most about channels or tactics. They know the most about... people. 

It’s time to get clear about who to serve, finally. And you’ll do audience research needed to understand what really makes people tick, click, and buy. No more guessing. Lots more results.

Bite-sized video lessons and exercises. Spread out over 21 days.

Most courses take pride in selling you “80 hours of video content.” Not us. Each day, you’ll watch short video lessons and complete an exercise to action what you learn.

Un-ignorable is designed to produce results— not keep you busy.

Live workshops & feedback

You can learn a lot on your own. But there’s nothing better than being able to work directly with an expert, get feedback on your work, and dig into how they think and operate. 

Once a week, you’ll have the opportunity to do just that.

Peer support & collaboration

You’ll work directly with a cohort of peers. Learn from each other. Exchange feedback. Help amplify each other on social media. And hold each other accountable.

We promise: you won’t feel alone anymore.

Competitions & prizes

Everything feels like work nowadays. Let’s change that. You and your cohort will engage in some friendly competition. Completing challenges and winning prizes along the way.

The prizes? They’re a secret (and they’re awesome).

See what people are saying

Katelyn’s methods helped us to narrow down and reach our audience… the easy way. With our launch, in the first few days we yielded 170X return from an $80 ad spend.
Chantal Routhier
Co-founder – Live Tree Works
Demand Curve's Audience-Building course changed my life. Before the course I had a very small professional network and no digital "leverage". Now I have an amazing group of brilliant peers and mentors, and a valuable online audience.
Brian Bourque
I grew our business 233% in 3 months due to Katelyn's research methods. Super tactical, immediate ROI, easy to implement—Great for mid-level marketers looking to level up.
Aazar Shad
The great unlock of the internet is the ability to connect with billions of people through the click of a button. But it's not actually that easy. It takes a marriage of quality content & smart growth strategies to build true audience. DC gives you the playbook you need to build an audience.
Alex Lieberman (@BusinessBarista)
Founder, Morning Brew
Demand Curve are masters at the craft of composing ideas for understanding at scale. You can learn a lot from their output, and I’m sure you’ll learn even more from their process.
Jack Butcher (@JackButcher)
Founder, Visualize Value
This is hands-down the best course on the internet for building audience. The Demand Curve team are the leaders in this. Invest in yourself and learn from the best. I can't think of a better use of money if you're serious about building internet audiences.
Greg Isenberg (@GregIsenberg)
CEO, Late Checkout

Meet your instructors

Un-ignorable was created by Katelyn Bourgoin and Demand Curve. We know first-hand how valuable audience building is – it’s the bedrock for our businesses.

Collectively, we reach an audience of over 1 million founders & marketers.

Katelyn Bourgoin

cEo – Customer camp

Katelyn is the founder of Customer Camp— a global education and media company. Katelyn offers live workshops and on-demand tools to help growth-ready teams get inside their customer’s heads so they can market smarter.

She’s taught 5000+ students ranging from solopreneurs to agencies, to fast-growing startups, and Fortune 100 companies. Many of Katelyn’s students have added 6, 7, or even 8-figures in revenue by applying her methods

Neal O'Grady

Co-founder – Demand Curve

Neal is a co-founder of Demand Curve and Bell Curve. He writes the weekly newsletter going out to 62,000+ marketers and founders.

Demand Curve has taught growth marketing to thousands of startups and individual creators.

Including a previous audience building course (think of it as “version 1.0” of Un-ignorable) with Sahil Bloom. We helped 750+ people build thriving audiences. Many of those students have gone on to build six-figure audiences.

What you'll learn

You 2.0

It's time to get your head in the game. You'll identify the fears and challenges that have been holding you back. And you'll learn how to "hack" your brain to push past those barriers and achieve your goals.

Your Cheat Codes

We've all seen new creators pop up and grow huge audiences seemingly overnight. Is their content great? Usually. But is it that much better than everyone else's? Nope. Their secret: they know the cheat codes to explosive audience growth. After this lesson, so will you.

Your One-ness

We live in a noisy, noisy world. To stand out, you need to do less—not more. You must occupy a single, unique space in your buyer's mind. You'll learn how to identify your space. Or as we like to call it, "your one-ness."

Your Customer

The more specific you are about who you target, the easier it will be to craft content, messages, and offers that resonate with them. You'll identify your best-fit buyers and learn to think differently about why they really buy.

Scrappy Audience Research

We'll teach you three scrappy research techniques that will help you identify EXACTLY what content to create for your audience. Without spending countless hours doing 1:1 interviews and begging people to complete your survey.

Finding Content Inspiration

You've likely heard the expression, "great artists steal." Well, so do great audience-builders. You'll learn the RIGHT way to steal. That is, how to find inspiration from leaders in your space and ELEVATE their work to make something uniquely yours.

Science of Attention

Becoming un-ignorable is both a science and an art. This lesson is all about the science. By better understanding how the human brain works, you can craft "brain-friendly" content that people will actually pay attention to.

The 7 Fs of Attention

Dive deeper into the seven driving forces of attention. Or, as we call them, the 7 Fs. The best creators are masters at leveraging the 7 F’s to create un-ignorable content. After these 7 eye-popping lessons, you’ll know how to become un-ignorable too.

What our community has to say

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Questions we're most often asked.

When does it start?

The first cohort will kick off on Jan. 10, 2023 🙌

What’s the schedule and time commitment?

Un-ignorable is a 21-day challenge. Starting Jan. 10 and ending Feb 2, 2023. 

It includes short lessons spread over 21 days. Each video lesson is ~10 mins and you’ll complete exercises and mini-challenges to put what you learned into practice. All in, expect to invest up to 1 hour per day Monday to Friday.

You’ll also have the option to join weekly live sessions, hosted by Katelyn Bourgoin. These live sessions happen every Thursday for at 1pm EST/10 am PST.

And if you can’t make it to the live sessions, don’t sweat! You’ll get recordings of each one so you don’t miss a thing.

Am I a fit for Un-ignorable?

Un-ignorable is best suited for marketers (in-house or solo/freelance marketers).

Founders who lead marketing on their team could also be a fit. 

To get the most out of the program, all participants should have base-level marketing knowledge and experience. If you have zero marketing experience, this program isn’t right for you yet. Come back when you’ve got a little marketing knowledge under your belt.

I’m starting from scratch – will this work for me?

We call this the “cold start” problem. How can you build an audience if you're publishing content to an audience of zero (ok fine, maybe an audience of 1 – thanks, mom!). 

It can feel like an insurmountable barrier. And for many new creators, it is.

But that’s the beauty of Un-ignorable. You’re not just learning how to build an audience. Your cohort peers will also be your first fans. You’ll be there to engage with and share each other’s content. You’ll have a built-in hype-team from day one. 

I already have a decent audience – what about me?

First off, congratulations! Now, to answer your question: it depends. Are you happy with your rate of growth? Do you feel confident that you’ll know how to pivot if a big algorithm change comes, or the current tactics you’re using no longer work? 

If you’ve answered yes to both of these questions, then you may be too experienced for Un-ignorable. Otherwise, we think you’ll get a ton of value from the program.

And if you’re on the fence, we’d encourage you to jump on in and give it a shot. Worst case, you realize it’s not a fit and we’ll give you a full refund.

Is this just another audience building course? I’ve seen a ton of those lately.

So have we. And that’s a big reason we felt compelled to create Un-ignorable. 

Most courses are long self-serve video lessons.

Some guru shows you the exact tactics, templates and “formulas” they’ve used. Actionable – sure. The problem? It leads to thousands of copycats. People using the exact same tactics, quickly making them ineffective for everyone. Worse, these courses don’t teach you WHY those methods work. Without a deep understanding of the WHY, you’re completely trapped. Totally dependent on the next big “hack” to get any results.

Un-ignorable is different. It’s a cohort-based challenge designed to help you level up. You’ll learn what to do, how to do it, and—most importantly—why it works. 

You’ll have questions along the way. You’ll want feedback from your peers and from your instructors. And you’ll want to feel confident you’re doing it right. That’s exactly what you get.

The best part? A little friendly competition will push you to overcome past stumbling blocks while making a bunch of new friends along the way. There are even MYSTERY prizes 👀 

I’m still figuring out what I want to sell. Should I wait to join?

No. This challenge will help you to figure out what you’re uniquely great at and how to leverage your One-ness to build a tribe of followers and future buyers.

When you get this part right, magical things can happen. Case in point:

Is there a refund policy?

You bet! If, after the first week, you realize Un-ignorable isn’t right for you, we’ll give you a full refund – no questions asked.

How much does Un-ignorable cost?


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Nathan Baugh
I went from consulting to running my own agency that does about $40k per month with no advertising. And I have a newsletter with ~50k weekly readers, and 200k+ followers in about 1.5 years.