Un-ignorable Newsletter Masterclass

Create a money-making newsletter that readers love
Live | Thursday, Feb 8th @ 8am PT / 11am ET | 2 Hours + QA

Join us for an interactive group masterclass and walk away with a complete strategy to launch your newsletter… in just 2 hours.

From the creators of two of the world’s most beloved newsletters with over 140,000 happy readers.

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New Subscriber
New Subscriber
New Subscriber
Identify your best fit readers
Design a smart newsletter premise
Craft your signup page messaging
Give your newsletter a memorable name
Brainstorm growth tactics

And more in just 2 hours.

Newsletters are money-makers

Our newsletters are the lifeblood of our businesses. We’ve sent 276 newsletters, tested 100+ newsletter growth tactics, attracted 140,000 readers, and produce two of the most loved newsletters in our niche

In the last 2 years, our newsletters have generated millions in revenue.

So many ways to monetize...
Courses sales
Group Training
Digital products
Agency clients

Readers love our newsletters ❤️

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Kyle Adams
Growth Manager, ConvertKit
I'm absolutely addicted to the Why We Buy newsletter.
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Paul Doerwald
Founder, Clockk
These newsletters sit unopened until I have the time to savour them with no distractions–hightlights of my week.
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Jimmy Joe
VP, Papa & Barkley
I’m not sure where I could even go to get these same insights. Seems like the only place, and it’s high-leverage.
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Testimonial author image
Connor Mooney
Growth, Zestful
The Growth Newsletter is one of four newsletters I willingly subscribe to. Don’t hesitate. It's reliably useful.
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Anthony Tabler
Marketing Consultant
Why We Buy is a gold mine.

Best thing I did was sign up 📈
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Bjarke Felbo
Founder, Rune
I’m new to marketing, and this newsletter was an effective shortcut for getting me up to speed.
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Testimonial author image
Liron Shapira
CEO, Relationship Hero
This. Is. Actually. Good.
I read every issue.
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Testimonial author image
Anthony Zhang
Growth, Blockfolio
I look forward to every issue. Insights are always interesting and rarely self-evident.
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Testimonial author image
Chenell Basilio
Such a great newsletter – one of the ones I make sure to read every week.

Is this masterclass right for you?

Un-ignorable Newsletters is a live, interactive workshop. You won’t just learn what you should do and then be left on your lonesome—you’ll actually do the work of crafting your newsletter strategy during the class.

You’ll walk away with clarity on your audience, an un-ignorable newsletter premise, and a 90-day growth plan… in just 2 hours.

You SHOULD join if:

  • You want to attract more customers or add a new revenue stream to your business.

  • You need help identifying your best-fit readers.

  • You’re struggling to decide what to write about.

  • There are already LOTS of newsletters in your niche and you’re worried you won’t have anything original to say.

  • You’re stuck in analysis-paralysis trying to choose the best tools.

  • You have limited time to invest in a newsletter and want to learn the most efficient ways to create and grow it.

  • You already have a newsletter and want to revamp it.

You should NOT join if:

  • You hate writing.

    (Seriously, if you hate writing then a newsletter isn’t the best channel for you)

  • You're not bought into doing a newsletter for years to come.

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Why must your newsletter be un-ignorable?

Inboxes are getting very crowded.

GMail app with 69,420 unread notifications

With new tools, AI, and pay-to-play growth channels, launching a newsletter and getting subscribers is easier than ever.

But competition for your ideal reader’s attention is fierce.

If you want to earn an open from readers on an ongoing basis, you must deeply understand your audience.👇

A “good” newsletter won’t cut it.

Every time your name pops into your reader’s inbox, they should be excited to open it.

We know how to create un-ignorable newsletters

And after this 2-hour masterclass, so will you.

What you'll gain

Everything you need to know in 2 action-packed hours.

Get clear on your goal
Understand your best-fit readers
Brainstorm an un-ignorable newsletter topic
Identify your differentiator
Choose your newsletter frequency
Name your newsletter
Explore newsletter design
Craft your sign-up page messaging
Advanced newsletter growth tactics
Create your 90-day growth plan
Become Un-Ignorable

Meet your instructors

Katelyn Bourgoin

cEo – Customer camp

Katelyn is the creator of the popular Why We Buy newsletter that teaches buyer's psychology to over 55,000 subscribers.

She's grown it from 9,000 to 55,000 in less than 1.5 years.

And it's frequently listed as marketer's favorite newsletter.

Neal O'Grady

founder – Demand Curve

Neal is a founder of Demand Curve and Bell Curve—two 7-figure startups fuelled by their weekly newsletter for 80,000 founders & marketers.

Demand Curve has taught growth marketing to thousands of startups and individual creators.


Questions we're most often asked.

Will I get access to the recording/replay?

Absolutely. Everyone enrolled will get access to the recording/replay after the event!

When is the masterclass?

February 8th, 2024 at 8am PT / 11am ET for 2 hours + Q&A.

A recording will be sent to all registrants, regardless of whether they are able to attend live or not! But we highly encourage you to attend live for the full experience.

What will I learn?

The most important part of any product is the idea and strategy—the same for a newsletter.

The newsletters that grow the fasted are the ones with the best idea, the names, and the clearest and most valuable premise.

In Un-ignorable Newsletters we'll help you:

  • Pick a premise
  • Decide on the right cadence
  • Choose a catchy and memorable name
  • Nail your positioning and messaging
  • Design a repeatable template to make it easier to keep up with
  • Attract readers to your newsletter
Is there a refund policy?

You bet! At any time before the masterclass starts, we'll grant you a full refund.

Am I a fit for Un-ignorable Newsletters?

If you haven't started your newsletter yet, but want to, then this is perfect for you to build the foundation.

If you have started your newsletter, but aren't happy with it or confident in it, we can help you redesign and structure your newsletter so that you are.

Who is NOT a fit?

This is not a good fit for someone who already has a newsletter they're happy with and are just looking for ways to grow it faster.

Un-ignorable Newsletters is more for complete beginners or for those still in the early stages of creation and growth.