What do you do from here?

First, take action on what you've learned. Knowledge is useless unless applied.

Next, it really depends on your company stage or your goals:

  1. Do growth yourself. This is the cheapest approach, and best for early-stage startups. If you plan to do growth yourself, you'll want to keep educating yourself. Check out the additional resources below to level up even further.
  2. Hire someone to do it for you. If you have the budget to hire, this can either be:
    1. A "growth/marketing" co-founder. This is an incredibly tricky thing to do as a co-founder is like a spouse. It's hard to find a good one, and it can often end poorly.
    2. A full-time person (either junior or senior). Note this can often be expensive, risky, and generally a single person won't know everything.
    3. Hire one or more agencies or freelancers. You can either find an agency/freelancer that does it all, or specialist agencies/freelancers. Either way, check out the Hiring for growth section below.

Hiring for growth

  1. Looking for an agency or freelancer? We have a big network of vetted partners. We provide a 100% free matchmaking service.
  2. Running ads? We created the ad agency for startups, Ad Labs, with fixed, transparent pricing and month-to-month contracts.
  3. Looking for a growth partner? We operate a full-service growth agency, Bell Curve. We'll diagnose your growth problems, and fix them.

More resources to keep learning growth

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