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Above the Fold

Adaface has five above the fold sections that we'll break down individually.


What does the product do?

Adaface's core feature is skill assessment tests.

How does it benefit the user?

The benefit to users is that they make more money because they hired better employees through user-friendly assessments.

Adaface Header


Counter-narrative statements as a hook

Use statements that go against the status-quo of your target audience to hook them into reading further.

Adaface Subheader 1
The alternative solution

Adaface first points out trick question tests are wrong. Then follows up with the solution that testing for on-the-job skills is the best way to find qualified candidates.

Adaface Subheader 2


Visualize the core value

Adaface's gif shows candidates screening through the "Adaface quality filter" and spitting out good candidates and bad candidates. The implication is that Adaface will save you time by doing the initial candidate filtering for you.

Adaface Visual


Objection Handling

Asking for an email right away is aggressive which is why Adaface counters the aggression by telling users that it's 100% free to get started and there is no CC required.

Adaface CTA

Social Proof

Writing to your target audience

Adaface uses social proof as a shortcut to gain enterprise companies' trust. Users are more likely to accept and trust something when others accept and trust it too.

Adaface Social Proof


State your audience's problem

Adaface gets straight to the problem hiring managers have been facing in 2020: recruiting has been flipped on its head and went remote.

Be mindful of the user's experience

Adaface shows off their diverse tests without taking up a lot of space. The details are revealed when hovering over the widgets. Hover effects have less friction because users don't need to click a button to see more.

However, Adaface could have scrapped the hover effect altogether if they just listed each test type linearly down the page.

Adaface Features
Use logic to prove legitimacy

This section is used to validate Adaface's ability to provide quality candidates. They display a wide array of skills that can be tested for. If there's a particular skill HR managers are looking for, they can view an entire page of test resources.

Adaface Features 1.2

Comparison Section

Define a common enemy

Adaface defines current hiring methods as old and wrong and frames their method as the new and right way to do assessments.

This framing is reinforced with emojis that tell users how they should feel and time variables that tell users how much time they'll save with Adaface.

The red and green colors are intentionally used because people already associate them with good and bad.

Objection Handling

This section doubles as objection handling by showing how they will not be testing (theoretical questions/puzzles, test-like feel, one-size-fits-all assessments).

Adaface Comparison

More Features

When jargon is useful

If you're appealing to a niche audience (hiring managers), on-the-job vocab is okay because it's understood by the users you want to attract. Those who are turned off likely shouldn't buy the product anyways.

Adaface More Features

Inside the product

Write with confidence

This feature header is written as if you already own the product. They could have said "Meet the new skills assessments chatbot Ada," but instead wrote it in second person with "Meet Ada, your new skills assessments chatbot."

Associate features with benefits

The subheader relates their feature, Ada the chatbot, with the underlying benefit: hiring more qualified candidates faster.

Adaface Product 1
Tease the reward

Adaface shows users the end result of using their product – a clean, easy-to-read summary of the candidates' assessment.

Adaface Product 2

How it works

If your product isn't straightforward, it can benefit from a high-level overview of the sequence. This overview quickly walks users through the steps, leading them right to the benefit of hiring qualified candidates in days instead of weeks or months.

Objection Handling

The first step gives users the option of pre-made templates (so users save time) or custom ones made by their subject matter experts–so users can define what quality means to them.

In case anyone thinks, "yeah, but it'll take forever to make a custom test" Adaface adds a 24 hour turnaround time to handle that.

Adaface How it works
When to use visuals over copy

Sometimes its easier to view a benefit visually than it is to describe with text. Adaface uses a product screenshot to show how easy it is to invite candidates to take assessments.

Adaface How it works 2

Founder's Note

Call out the problem

The first section of the founder's note directly calls out the problem HR managers are facing:

  • "That is how hiring is supposed to feel–exciting. But it doesn't."
  • "There is too much noise to cut through to find the talent you want to bring onboard."
  • "Resumes are misleading, and interviewing each candidate would take too long."
Adaface Founders Note 1
Frame yourself as the hero

Adaface takes the role of solving these problems and follows up with the solution to them.

Adaface Founders Note 2
Social proof

Adaface points out that even the candidates prefer being assessed with Adaface, not just hiring managers.

Adaface Founders Note 3
Use the bandwagon effect to motivate

The last two sentences of the founder's note motivate users to join Adaface in making hiring exciting again. They say "Let's do this!" as if the user is part of their team.

Adaface Founders note 4

Final CTA

End with solid social proof

A lot of enterprise business buyers are hesitant to buy without scoping out competing products. If they choose poorly, their job is on the line. Adaface uses a testimonial to bypass this, "We evaluated several of their competitors and found Adaface to be the most compelling."

Adaface Final CTA

Key takeaways

  • Directly call out what your audience is doing wrong and pin your product as the solution.
  • Use images or gifs that visualize the core value of your product to help establish understanding of your product faster.
  • If you're going to be aggressive with your asks, make sure to handle potential objections up front ("100% free to get started").
  • Frame your audience's current solutions as problems (theoretical questions/puzzles, feels like a test) and then show them the solution (your product).
  • Only use jargon if your confident your audience will understand it.
  • Write as if the users already owns the product.

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