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Above the Fold

Ahref’s Above the Fold section has four pieces that we’ll dive into individually.


Objection handling as a hook

A lot of businesses need SEO but don’t have the time or resources to build expertise. 

So Ahrefs tells users they don’t have to be an SEO pro.

Tip: Associate your product (Ahrefs) with the benefit by including the product name in your header.

Ahrefs Header 1
What does the product do for users?

Ahrefs helps users rank higher on search engines and get more traffic to their website.
(underlying benefit = more money)

Ahrefs Header 2

Call to Action (CTA)

Ahrefs uses a CTA that hasn’t been overused and “Start a 7-day trial for $7” has a nice ring to it. This CTA has a consistent request with the navbar CTA. Consistency results in less confusion for the visitor.

Ahrefs Call to Action

Social Proof


Ahrefs shows how many users signed up in the last 7 days – so that users feel like there’s a reason to sign up now.

Establishing Credibility

Use social proof above the fold to bypass the objection, “is this legitimate?” People like to know that other people vouch for a product.

Ahrefs Social Proof 1


Making the promise concrete

Right now, users know Ahrefs will rank them higher and get more traffic to their site. But they don’t know how.

Ahrefs tells users how with: “All-in-one SEO toolset.”

Ahrefs Subheader 1
Adding value to the subheader

Ahrefs adds “free learning materials” and “community & support” as their main value props.

Demand Curve Insight:

Ahrefs copy is great, but the subheader placement could be improved.
Based on our data, the best place to put your subheader is directly below the header.

Ahrefs Subheader 2


Demand Curve Insight:
What's good about it?

Ahrefs continues the narrative set in the ATF section. The All-in-one SEO toolset is the first feature mentioned in their subheader, so structurally it should be the first feature explored.

 They also prevent skimming by using bullets that are only a few words long and start with an action verb.

What could be improved?

The current images don’t help the user understand the product.

Ahrefs could add product images that show off each tool so that users don’t have to guess what’s inside. 

Ahrefs Features


Demand Curve Insight:
Product video and image placement

This video would have worked better alongside the features section.

Users understand the product faster if they are able to see it side-by-side the product features.

 Ahrefs could build momentum faster by cutting this section and replacing the cartoon images with product images. Then, the user goes from the features section to the objection handling section.

Ahrefs Video

Objection Handling

Objection Handling:

Up until now, Ahrefs has been marketing to SEO beginners. But here they want to make it clear that Ahrefs is also a powerful and easy-to-use tool for experts.

Using UX to your advantage

Ahrefs uses a toggle for this section so that experts can explore why this is a tool for them without forcing the jargon on the beginners.

Ahrefs Objection Handling

Free Learning Material

Continuing the narrative

Now, Ahrefs tackles the second value prop mentioned in their subheader. Free learning materials.

Education push

Ahrefs likely knows that the more SEO knowledge a user has, the higher chance of a free trial conversion.

Their blog material is very informative and educational, but it always pushes the reader towards using Ahrefs.

Ahrefs Free Learning Material


Advice isn’t enough

Ahrefs knows users won’t read their content without a nudge. Right after they tell users to learn how Ahrefs can help their business, they give users the resources to do so.


Ahrefs knows different people learn best from different mediums. This is why users can watch videos, read guides, or get help from support.

Ahrefs Tutorial 1
Cater to your audience

These tutorials are catered toward SEO their core audience, beginners. Ahrefs has plenty of advanced tutorials, but none of them are listed here on purpose.

Ahrefs Tutorial 2

Community and Support

Continuing the narrative

Ahrefs continues with the promise set in the subheader by introducing their community feature.

Using exclusivity to your advantage

Ahrefs uses “Ahrefs insiders” and “private Facebook community to encourage users to join the community.

This community isn’t a bunch of SEO newbies either. It’s filled with “10,000 SEO-obsessed marketers who have seen it all.”

 This all translates to, “Join our exclusive community where you will learn from experts, for only $7.”

Ahrefs Support 1
Multiple ways of contact

Ahrefs gives users a choice in how they would like to reach out because everyone has their own preference.

Ahrefs Support 2


Targeting Personas

Ahrefs uses a breadcrumb style widget that displays testimonials based on persona. If users blog, they can see what bloggers have to say. If a user runs an Ecommerce company, they can do the same.

Ahrefs Testimonials

Social Proof

More specific = more believable

A subtle thing like adding decimals to ratings increases specificity, which increases believability.

Ahrefs Social Proof 2.1

Ahrefs doesn’t have to tell users when they got this data, but they do. Transparency builds trust.

Ahrefs Social Proof 2.2

Final CTA


Ahrefs pushes for the conversion with urgency. They bluntly state that you’re missing out on growth opportunities if you don’t use Ahrefs.

Demand Curve Insight:

This is another instance where a product image would be better than a cartoon. We haven’t seen inside the product since the video at the beginning of the landing page.

Ahrefs Final CTA

Founder's Note

Calling out the problem

The first paragraph calls out the problem their users face and makes it feel relatable.

Framing yourself as the hero

In the second paragraph, Ahrefs positions themselves as the solver of the problem mentioned in the first.

Personable and charitable

The last paragraph bridges the problem and problem solver together.

They add in “... all our learning materials and some of the tools will stay free...” to reinforce their values mentioned in the second paragraph.

Then, it wraps up with some personality at the end. People like to buy from humans, even when their heads are detached from their bodies.

Ahrefs Founders Note

Key takeaways

  • Use unique CTAs to differentiate from the crowd. Ensure the CTA is always the next step you want the user to take. “Get my free unicorn” is unique, but doesn’t tell the user what the next step would be.
  • Use your subheader to explain how your product fulfills the bold claim made in the header.
  • Use product images to help readers better understand your value props.
  • You don’t always have to push for a free trial sign up or a demo call. If there’s a gap between your audience’s understanding of the product, and the product itself, push for education.
  • Use exclusivity to entice visitors into wanting your offer more.
  • Entice multiple personas by using testimonials catered to each target audience.
  • Use founder’s notes to seem more human and personable.

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