Growth Newsletter #171

April 10, 2024

I enjoyed writing this one. It highlights parts of the customer journey that we gloss over.

We love focusing on the sexiest and most obvious parts: the landing page copy, the ad, or the product itself.  

But there's more to it.

Let's dive into the 3 Moments of Truth.

– Neal

Found it via George Mack. I love this ad for a few reasons:

  1. It gets your attention with a Pattern Interrupt. You don’t expect to see a ripped-up pillow in an ad.
  2. It’s fun, dynamic, and playful. The dog looks ready to pounce.
  3. It relates the value prop in a way that I get. It’s not expensive, so I don’t need to get too upset at this puppy just trying to have fun.
  4. The scene is all IKEA furniture. They show the product being used in daily life.

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