Acquire your first customers

You launched a product. Or you're about to. The Traction Program is the proven, affordable way for founders to go to market, acquire customers, and get traction.

We've helped thousands of companies get traction and scale.

Starting from zero is incredibly hard.

Founders often pour their time and money into an amazing product.

Then they start "marketing." They try tactic after tactic, but nothing works.

  • Without a marketing background, knowing where to start feels impossible.
  • You get the same generic advice like "get product-market fit" and "do things that don't scale"—but no one shows you how to do it.
  • Good marketers are hard to find and very expensive.
We've seen this play out time and time again, so we started to ask:

"Why do traction-stage startups get so little support?"

There are proven methods and high-quality resources on:

  • Building an MVP
  • Measuring product-market fit
  • Scaling your startup once you've achieved product-market fit

But traction is a black box, so founders are left to wing it.

This is exactly why we created the traction program

Why Demand Curve?

We've worked with thousands of startups across every industry, so we know what growth tactics are working today—not a year ago. And we run Bell Curve, our world-class agency that works with top companies like Clearbit, Segment, Microsoft, and Outschool.

Our programs are the best on the market for a reason:

  • We are practicing growth marketers. Our team brings expertise from leading growth at top companies like Grammarly, Webflow, and Airbnb.
  • While most courses are based on theory, we bring you proven, data-backed tactics. You get access to every single playbook, SOP, and template that we use to grow our clients—which you'll use to execute the work step-by-step.

Thousands of happy founders and marketers

We've helped over a thousand companies get traction and grow revenue while leveling up their marketing skills.

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Working with Demand Curve was a game changer — the global team has gotten enormous value out of the work they’ve done with us. They’ve revamped how we think about lead generation via email and ads, and taught us a new rhythm around approaching and nurturing customers.
Masha Reutovski image
Masha Reutovski
Sr. Marketing Manager
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The Demand Curve team knows paid acquisition, conversion, landing pages, and a lot more very well. If you’re lagging behind on your growth skills, let them teach you what you’re missing.
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Alex Kracov
Head of Marketing
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I've learned so much as a new marketer that probably would have taken at least a few months and considerable stress. The confidence boost I have now when running campaigns and publishing projects is unparalleled.
Brent Jensen image
Brent Jensen
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The Demand Curve course might be the most valuable thing I've done for my career. They really helped me develop a growth mindset. The course allows you to tailor your experience to serve the needs of your business, and every project you do contributes to growth in a direct way. Best of all, you're able to get honest feedback from instructors.
Candace Kim image
Candace Kim
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I'm a junior marketer at a startup preparing to aggressively begin paid acquisition. I knew enough growth to be useful, but I needed to know more to be very effective with ads. Demand Curve provided the hands-on feedback and walkthrough references needed to level up to senior-level skills.
Max Orshan image
Max Orshan
Growth Strategist
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These are the people we go to for growth advice. They pointed out what we needed to change in our Facebook/Instagram strategy and landing pages — and it made the difference.
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Brian Krall
Lead Developer
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You learn the tactics Bell Curve uses to grow their clients. When I wrote the growth book, Traction, I hoped someone would build a course like this.
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Justin Mares
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This is the team you want to learn growth from. They know every channel and every tactic. And they know how to scale efficiently.
Elie Schoppik
Elie Schoppik
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We landed two big meetings using their cold outreach strategy — while we were still in the course.
Wayne Anderson
Wayne Anderson

What you get with the program

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A deep understanding of your ideal customer

Get inside the minds of your customers. Identify the problems they're facing, how they make buying decisions, and how you can most effectively reach them.

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Dialed positioning

Taking what you know about your ideal customer, you'll craft compelling messaging that conveys how you're uniquely able to solve their problems.

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Effective traction channels

Learn how to execute the traction channels (e.g. organic social, cold outreach, sponsorships, ads, and more) that are most likely to work for you.

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An optimized funnel

Create high-converting assets throughout every part of your funnel—channels, landing pages, and onboarding experience.

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Get your first customers, prove product-market fit, and build a foundation for scalable growth. Get confidence and knowledge by learning how to execute on your own.

How it works

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1. Start right away & work at your own pace

The program is completely self-paced. And you get access to the entire program right when you enroll. You won't wait months for a cohort to start or for a live session every week.

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2. Work from anywhere

This is a fully remote program. Founders from all over the world take our programs.

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3. Get results in a matter of weeks

Our written playbooks are designed to be implemented immediately. In just a few weeks, you can have a fully operating marketing funnel and launch your first traction channel.

Who is the Traction Program for?

We built this program for busy, early-stage founders willing to execute on their own to get their first customers.

You're a great fit if:

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    You just launched a product or you’re about to launch one, and you don’t have many (if any) customers

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    You’ve been trying to get customers, but nothing seems to be working or you’re unsure where to start

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    You’re on a tight budget, and you’re looking for low-cost ways to get initial customers, generate some revenue, and validate your product

Who's not a fit?

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    People who are looking for a growth "MBA"

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    Aspiring entrepreneurs still in the idea stage

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    Startups that already have some customers and revenue. At this stage, you need to scale your customer acquisition (see our Growth Program instead)

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    Those looking to level up as marketers but aren't actively working on startup traction (see our live courses instead)

Ready to grow?

Traction Program



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B2B, B2C, and Ecommerce

Go to market and acquire your first customers. The program offers:

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    Lifetime access to all program content: You’ll get access to over 20+ playbooks and step-by-step projects, 30+ templates, as well as multiple video walk-throughs.

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    Community of 1,000 founders and marketers: Learn with other top growth marketers.

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    6 months of live workshops: Optional deep-dive workshops to help you work through different parts of the program.

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    Savings on marketing tools: Need Segment, Airtable, Notion, and more? You’ll get discounts on many popular tech tools.

Traction Program Guarantee

If after 30 days you’ve done the work and haven’t been able to launch at least one channel, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Go to market and get your first customers


Questions we're most often asked.

How is this different from the Growth Program?

The Traction Program is specifically for early-stage companies that have just launched, or are about to launch a product. It's designed to help you get your first 50 - 1,000 customers—depending on your business model. For instance, a B2B company with high value contracts might use the Traction Program to get their first 50 customers. An ecommerce company with a low average order value might use it to get their first 1,000 customers.

The Growth Program, on the other hand, is for companies that already have some customers and revenue and are looking to scale. If this is you, the Growth Program is a better option.

How is this better than other growth courses, training programs, etc.?

1. Other courses are full of filler, with very little application.

Other courses are focused around long, extremely comprehensive, and theoretical content. And while there’s a time and place for that type of program format, it leaves very little room for real-world application. We do things a little differently.

Above all else, our programs are designed to produce growth results as efficiently as possible. We do this by flipping the traditional teaching process/program structure on its head. Instead of optimizing for things like high page counts—which lead to programs that are 80% reading and only 20% doing—we work hard to include only the best content, so the bulk of your time is spent doing real growth work. In fact, our programs are structured to be 10% reading and 90% implementing what you’ve learned.

2. Other courses are designed for very senior growth practitioners and late-stage companies.‍

Other courses can be great for those looking to learn advanced theory and high-level skills. Our program is designed for those looking for actionable frameworks, strategies, and tactics that can be applied immediately to get traction.

How personalized is the program?

Every company’s acquisition strategy will be unique. Your Demand Curve program will be no different — this is not a generic, templated course.

With the Traction Program, we provide frameworks so that you decide which units to go through. We want you to get traction—not complete another course. The program helps you figure out what you need, so you can ignore the rest.

Do you offer a refund policy if the program ends up not being a good fit?

Yes! If after 30 days you’ve done the work and haven’t been able to launch at least one channel, we’ll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

How is this worth the price?

Quite frankly, because it works. You’ll acquire the skills that 1000s of companies have used to get traction. We strongly believe (and have data to prove) that the program is one of the highest-ROI investments a company can make.

Many companies hire premium agencies and consultants for $10,000+ per month and never see those kinds of results. And that’s why we stand by our claim that for a single, affordable payment, this program is one of the best investments a company can make.

What will I be capable of doing after the program?
  • Validate your business by getting your first customers. Use early feedback to improve your product and get product-market fit as quickly and affordably as possible.
  • Walk away with a crystal clear understanding of your market and customer.
  • Build a high-converting funnel. Leave with an optimized site, compelling messaging, and a seamless onboarding flow.
  • Generate revenue. Revenue that you can pump back into growth.
  • Use your momentum to secure seed funding.
I'm in a different time zone than the United States — can I still take the program?

Yes, absolutely. The course can be taken from anywhere in the world.

How does it work day-to-day?

Here’s the general process:

  • Each module begins with quick readings. For example, if you’re learning to write landing page copy, there are readings on how to write a good landing page.
  • Then you start the project itself. Keeping with our landing page example, the project will walk you through the process of actually writing the copy for your landing page.
  • While you do the project and readings you'll have an active community of top marketers and founders to bounce ideas off of.

Everything is asynchronous so you can do the work on your own time and at your own pace.

How long will it take for me to finish the Traction Program?

The program is designed to help you get your first customers as quickly as possible. This is for busy professionals that are balancing their job and can generally spend 1-2 hours per day on the program. Most people are able to complete the program and reach their goals within 1 month.

I’m an experienced growth marketer trying to up my skills, is the program right for me?

It depends. If you’re a full-time marketer working to help a startup get traction, this could absolutely be a fit. But if you’re a marketer looking to level up on all things growth, then this program is not a fit.

Should I hire a marketing agency or full-time marketer instead of doing the program?

Marketing agencies and full-time hires are great options for many companies. But they come with their own set of pros and cons when compared to our programs.

The major upside is the expertise and bandwidth they bring to the team. The biggest downside — especially for cash-strapped startups — is the high cost. Good agencies generally start at a minimum of $5,000/mo (many charge much more). Full-time hires can easily cost $100,000+ per year. They also come with a level of risk and commitment that shouldn’t be ignored. A full-time hire is a long-term investment. And many agencies require commitments between 6-12 months. So, if you have the budget and mainly need additional labor to scale acquisition channels that are already working, then hiring may be a good idea.

However, if you’re tight on budget and your primary goal is traction, then we recommend starting with our program. We’ll teach you how to produce the same results as an agency or full-time hire, at a fraction of the cost and without the risk.

In addition to the cost of the program, how much should I budget for running ads?

You don't need an ad budget to be successful with the Traction Program.

In fact, this program is designed for startups that lack an ad budget. You'll use low- and no-cost channels to get your first customers. If you do have an ad budget—even a small one—the program will show you how you can speed up the process by rapidly testing ad channels.