Growth Newsletter #123

June 6, 2023

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Brought to you by Common Room. Marketing and growth teams at fast-growing startups and scaleups like Figma, Asana, Amplitude, Temporal and many others use Common Room to bring together social, community, product, and customer data into a single powerful platform so they can take informed action across the entire customer journey.  

Check out some of their growth playbooks for tapping into the dark funnel—you know, that overlooked part of the buyer’s journey with heaps of potential. (Psst… they’re offering a 15% discount on paid plans to DC members who book a demo or sign up and connect a source).


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It's a big honor whenever someone gives this newsletter a shoutout without asking for anything in return. Today, we're spotlighting a few of these readers—who are also up to incredible things:

  • Louise Storm, Chief of Staff at Case Impact Network, is a communications expert who shares thoughtful reflections about professional and personal development on her LinkedIn
  • Petruța Țuligă, founder and CEO of Parentool, recently did her very first podcast in English! She talks about her experience building a telehealth app for new parents.

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