Growth Newsletter #148

November 28, 2023

Welcome to all you growth-loving founders and marketers! 

idk about you, but I've reached my quota for BFCM deals for at least the next 360 days.

I hope your credit card survived.

Now for: Weird the normal, thumbnails that increase views, and good processing fluency.

Let's dive in 🍉
– Neal

The 3rd cohort of Un-ignorable recently finished where 330 students learned to create an unignorable personal brand. Here's some shoutouts for our best students:

  1. Louise de Sadeleer. One of our most entertaining students, who uses her personality and growth + psychology chops to do strategic breakdowns, marketing memes and brainy insights.
  2. Sarah Jane Burt. As she says it, she helps people "sell their sh*t without making people feel like sh*t." Much needed in marketing.
  3. Orrin Webb. Orrin helps couples and teams stop fights before they even start—one of the best ways to ensure strong relationships.
  4. Sarah Hart. The amazing designer behind Katelyn Bourgoin's brand. She creates visual identities to help brands stand out naturally.
  5. Top Pronpudpong. Our favourite profile pic of the cohort. Top helps software agencies get more leads.

Feeling thankful I got to meet so many cool people this cohort 🤗

I absolutely love the quirkiness of X's community notes feature 😅

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