Creative Strategy & Testing Sprint

Self-paced • 15 videos • 5 projects and templates

For startup founders and marketers looking to unlock ad channels to drive consistent and profitable growth.

Learn to make ads (creatives) that make people stop and pay attention.

Creatives that acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost of your competitors.

Creatives that completely change the trajectory of your company's growth.

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Creative Strategy & Testing
Rafael Gi
VP of Growth Marketing – Bell Curve

Course Overview

The Creative Strategy & Testing Sprint will teach you how to create ads that drive traffic, conversions, and revenue for your business.

In under 5 hours, learn the most effective tactics and strategies for building a high-performance ad testing machine. Including frameworks like our:

  • 4-part framework for conducting market and consumer research, so you’re laying a smart foundation for your ad strategy
  • 4-part framework for surfacing campaign ideas, used by the top creative agencies
  • 3-part testing framework for finding your highest-impact ad creatives

And techniques like how to:

  • Build a high-tempo ad testing system for faster, better learnings—so your business never stops growing
  • Take a top-down approach to creative testing, from high-level campaign concepts to micro optimizations, for continuous improvements
  • Design better experiments to supercharge your creative resources
  • Maximize conversion rates through cohesive ad-to-landing page funnels

Course instructor Rafael Gi has used—and proven—those frameworks and techniques throughout his career, including during his tenure as a digital/brand strategy lead for Spotify, Nike, and Budweiser and in his current role as VP of Growth Marketing at Bell Curve.

The course is video-based and has 5 hands-on projects. Among them are exercises on building a customer journey map to generate hyper-personalized ads across your entire marketing funnel, making creative briefs that give your team a clear messaging direction, and creating a strategy statement that articulates your vision, for clearer, more efficient campaign planning.

Because this is a sprint, we’ve distilled the topic of creative strategy down to the essentials. No fluff. Nothing you can't put to work immediately to grow your business.

Cheat Sheet and Projects

Is the Creative Strategy Sprint right for you?

First time creating ads and unsure where to start?

Struggling to make ads that truly convey your product's value?

Wasting time with haphazard tests and lackluster strategies?

Experiencing blips of success but having trouble scaling?

Having difficulty generating actionable learnings from your creative tests?

Lacking a cohesive narrative across all your marketing channels?

What you’ll be able to do after completing this course

In today's competitive landscape, winning at the ad game requires being the best at creative. It's the primary lever startups can pull to gain a competitive edge.

Our Creative Strategy & Testing Sprint will help you master the strategies and tactics that separate successful companies from the rest. Here's what you'll achieve:

Develop a powerful creative strategy

Gain a deep understanding of the challenges your company faces and the needs of your customers. Create high-ROI ad campaigns that effortlessly move prospects through the customer journey.

Launch a repeatable system for producing winning creatives

Say goodbye to random testing and wasted time. Learn a replicable process that allows you to create one winning ad after another with ease.

Build a creative testing "learnings engine"

Companies that learn the fastest grow the fastest. Understand how calculated experiments can maximize the insights you generate from every creative test, amplifying the impact on your overall growth and product efforts.

Design cohesive, multi-channel campaigns

With a targeted creative strategy, create multi-channel campaigns that work in harmony, educating prospects and moving them through the buying funnel.

Create thumb-stopping, high-converting ads

You don't need to be a copywriting or design genius. We'll show you how to make ads your prospects love. The kind that allow you to fully convey your product's value and set you apart from competitors.

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Meet your instructor

Rafael Gi

Rafael Gi

VP of Growth Marketing – Bell Curve

Rafael Gi is the VP of Growth Marketing at Bell Curve. Previously, he led digital/brand strategy for global brands like Nike, Budweiser, Spotify, and Hershey.

Throughout his career, Raf has worked on viral ad campaigns that have generated hundreds of millions of views.

He helped launch and scale Spotify to the #1 music app in Canada in 6 weeks. And helped rebrand Converse to increase its valuation from $200M to $1B+.

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Creative Strategy

Learn the what and why of creative strategy in advertising. Creative strategy is a 4-part process:

  • Part 1. Foundational research
  • Part 2. Creative ideation
  • Part 3. Campaign planning
  • Part 4. Creative testing

Learn about common misconceptions that hold brands back and how strong creative will help you improve ROI, outperform competitors, and support long-term brand-building and profitability.

Chapter 2: Lay Your Strategic Foundation

Conduct focused research to unlock deep insights and hidden truths that will define the nature and content of your ad creatives. You'll investigate:

  • Your target customer: Who are they, and how do they perceive your product?
  • Your company: What is your product's unique advantage over your competitors?
  • Your category: What is the marketing problem or opportunity?
  • The culture: How does your product fit into society?

Create detailed personas for your target customers, and clearly define the marketing challenge to be solved.

Chapter 3: Creative Ideation

Generate fresh creative concepts, messaging, angles, and campaigns using a proven 4-part process.

Discover the most interesting aspects of your product through the lens of your target customer. 

Craft a concise yet powerful creative strategy statement to outline your next ad campaign.

Chapter 4: Campaign Planning

Make your campaign a success by planning creative assets and aligning them with customer journey touchpoints.

Begin by creating a customer journey map to understand your customer's shopping experience.

Develop a creative brief for each touchpoint along the customer journey and funnel stage, serving as a blueprint for your ad campaign.

Chapter 5: Creative Testing Strategy

As David Ogilvy said, "Never stop testing, and your advertising will never stop improving." Implement a 3-part testing framework to find the best-performing ad creatives for your company—across every ad channel, funnel stage, and customer journey touchpoint.

Gain insights into what resonates with your target customer, and apply learnings to improve ad performance. Leverage those creative insights to influence decision-making across your entire business.

Ready to grow?

Creative Strategy & Testing Sprint

The key to profitable, rapid-growth ad channels





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This Sprint offers:

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    Lifetime access to course content: We iterate on our Sprints to ensure they maintain a high level of quality and effectiveness.

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    Clear-cut, actionable projects: Step-by-step projects guide you through the application of what you've learned, allowing you to walk away with tangible results.

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    Go at your own pace: Sprints are pre-recorded and self-paced, so you can fit them into your busy schedule. Tune in anytime, anywhere.

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    14-day refund guarantee: If you're not happy with the Sprint for any reason, let us know within 14 days, and we'll give you a full refund.

Looking to sign up multiple team members? Email for team discounts.

Have questions? We’ve got answers

Am I a fit?

We built the Creative Strategy & Testing Sprint primarily for startup founders and teams. That means you’re a great fit if:

  • You’re at a small or early-stage startup with no formal creative strategy or testing methodology in place
  • You aren’t an advertising or paid marketing expert
  • Your company is either B2B or B2C

However, folks at larger companies may also get a ton of value from the Sprint. If your organization isn’t taking a strategic, methodical approach to creative development and testing, you’ll benefit greatly from the course.

How much does the Sprint cost?

The regular price is $199. We want our Sprints to be as accessible as possible to startups.

Is there a refund policy?

You bet! If you aren’t happy with the course for any reason, let us know within 14 days and get a full refund.

How long does it take?

In under 5 hours, you can watch all the videos in this course and read through all 5 projects. Doing that will tell you everything you need to know to facilitate a high-impact creative strategy process.

Completing all 5 projects will take longer. You’ll probably want to spend time working on your strategy, thinking about it, and talking to your peers and colleagues.

How long will I have access to the course material?


Who is Demand Curve?

Demand Curve teaches growth to startup founders and marketers. Our popular resources include the Growth Newsletter, which goes out to 70k+ subscribers, our annual Growth Summit that brings together the world’s top marketers, and our tactical marketing playbooks. 

Our first course, the Growth Program, has helped thousands of startups and individual creators get traction and scale revenue.

We believe in democratizing access to growth expertise. Startups should have access to the same knowledge as later-stage companies. 

We partner with top growth practitioners to teach you everything they know. Successful founders and marketers who have truly done the work and built remarkable companies.

How are Sprints different from other courses?

Most courses are bloated, overly theoretical, and outdated. Some bring in big names, regardless of if they’re actually strong practitioners or instructors. Others are taught by experienced practitioners who don’t have teaching experience. Or worse, they’re created by pseudo-experts—teaching you downright bad information.

In our opinion, most courses have it backwards. They’re looking for ways to charge as much as possible. Things like:

  • Hiring famous instructors
  • Filming high-production videos on swanky sets 
  • Creating super long curriculums (because they think offering “100+ hours of video content” is a good thing)

What’s missing? None of these things benefits you.

And we think that explains why most courses have a shockingly low 3-5% completion rate. 

So, how are Sprints different? Well, they’re basically the exact opposite of most courses, with:

  • Expert practitioners (who have truly been there, done that)
  • Low-cost videos filmed in the home offices of our instructors (allowing us to keep Sprints affordable for you)
  • Concise, practical, value-packed curriculums (we work hard to cut out all the fluff and help you achieve what you signed up to achieve in as few words and videos as possible)

Sprints are designed for busy people who care more about results than consuming content. People who want to learn from those who have been in their shoes and already solved the problems they’re working on. People who believe it shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars to tap expert knowledge.

In short, Sprints are designed specifically for people who are building and growing startups.

Do you offer team discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts on orders for 5 or more team members. Reach out to us at for more information.