Own the Inbox Sprint

Self-paced • 16 videos • 3 projects

You can have the best subject lines and email designs in the world, but it’ll all mean nothing if your emails don't make it to your subscribers’ inboxes.

That’s what happens with poor deliverability. Your most important emails never get to their intended recipients.

In this course, you’ll learn the ins and outs of email deliverability: what it is and how to maximize it to enhance the performance of your highest-ROI growth channel.

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Own the Inbox
Drew Price
Lifecycle Marketing Advisor – Grammarly

Course Overview

Many companies’ email programs underperform by 30 to 50%—or even more—because of preventable deliverability problems. And unfortunately, deliverability is the least forgiving of email marketing’s many dimensions. It takes months, even years, to recover from the consequences of poor emailing habits. 

The worst part: you may not even know your email program suffers from a deliverability penalty until it’s too late. 

In Own the Inbox, we teach you all the fundamentals of building a solid email program so you can avoid these pitfalls. You’ll learn:

  • Why confusing delivery for deliverability endangers your email health in the long run 
  • The three major types of penalties that threaten your email program—and how to avoid them
  • What an email sender reputation is and how to protect yours for better deliverability results
  • Strategies and tips for creating more “inbox-friendly” content
  • How to scale your email program to reliably reach a growing audience

By the end of our course, you'll understand email penalties, authentication, and sound targeting strategies. We won’t just tell you what works—we’ll peel back the onion so you can understand your reputation from the perspective of major email clients like Gmail and Yahoo.

Our self-paced course is made up of 16 videos that you can watch on your own time, whenever you’d like.

Cheat Sheet and Projects

You could be “inbox blind” if…

You judge your email performance solely on open rates.

You don’t routinely check your sender scores, inboxing trends, and IP health.

You don’t know what an IP warmup plan is.

You don’t use separate email subdomains for product and marketing campaigns.

You sometimes hear from customers that your emails ended up in their spam folder.

You always send the same message to everyone on your email list.

You have no idea what a DMARC policy is or why it’s important.

What you’ll be able to do after completing this course

Increase revenue growth—immediately

You don't need to spend thousands on an external email audit. We'll show you how to keep a pulse on your deliverability and email performance even with a nonexistent budget.

Maximize your email marketing's long-term ROI

Improving your deliverability means your emails will have a higher ceiling for impact because you reach more customers with every campaign.

Get peace of mind

No more stress and wasted time trying to optimize your email content for the wrong metrics. Develop confidence from knowing exactly what's happening whenever you click “send” on your campaigns.

Maintain a scalable, risk-free email program

Learn how to handle fluctuations in your email list and sending activity without landing tough penalties that take months to dig out of.

Quickly troubleshoot and fix issues

Find out what key metrics reveal whether something is amiss with your email deliverability. Only then will you be able to diagnose the root causes quickly.

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Demand Curve makes the most efficient and jam-packed courses I've ever taken.
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Amanda Natividad
VP Marketing – SparkToro
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The Demand Curve team creates, hands-down, the best growth content on the internet.
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Greg Isenberg
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If you’re lagging behind on your growth skills, let Demand Curve teach you what you’re missing.
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Alex Kracov
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Drew is one of the most holistic and passionate marketers I know. He is always looking to how email can contribute to the larger business goal and drive real value to the customer
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Roxana Shershin
President, Digital Additive
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Drew is a phenomenally skilled email marketer. His contribution to Grammarly's meteoric rise cannot be understated.
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Yuriy Timen
Head of Growth, Grammarly
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Drew's work at Grammarly is an inspiration. Grammarly Insights is one of my favorite email products and shows the power of thinking about email beyond just short-term wins.
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Jason Rodriguez
Marketing Operations Manager, GitHub

Meet your instructor

Drew Price

Drew Price

Lifecycle Marketing Advisor – Grammarly

Own the Inbox was created by Drew Price and Demand Curve

Drew has spent more than 15 years in email and lifecycle marketing across tech, publishing, and retail. Most notably, he scaled Grammarly’s email strategy from 0 to 3 billion emails per year from 2014 to 2020. 

In addition to his work at Grammarly, Drew has helped lead major brands like Home Depot and IGN Entertainment to email success for more explosive customer growth. Drew regularly shares his expertise in advisory roles as well as his newsletter Scaling CRM.

Course Syllabus

Chapter 1: Building Blocks

Learn the difference between deliverability and delivery, and why confusing the two can make or break your email marketing strategy. We also explain the concept of email sender reputation and the variables that impact it.

Chapter 2: Email Penalties

Find out the three major types of email penalties that can affect your email program’s deliverability rate:

  • Soft penalties
  • Hard penalties
  • Blacklists

Understand the distinctions between each type and what causes these issues.

Chapter 3: The Four Pillars of Success

Dive into strategies to prevent and resolve deliverability problems, including actionable tips and examples, across four key areas:

  • List hygiene
  • Content optimization
  • Email infrastructure
  • Proactive monitoring

We also explain the cross-functional nature of deliverability so you know which other members of your team should be involved.

Chapter 4: Domain-Specific Issues

Only looking at the big picture of deliverability can hide problems lurking at the domain level. We cover preemptive measures to avoid these domain-specific deliverability issues and also give tactical advice for fixing them.

Chapter 5: What Success Looks Like

We wrap up the most important takeaways for preventing deliverability problems and maintaining a healthy email program. We also run through best practices for companies regularly sending higher volumes of emails (more than 1 million emails per month).

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Own the Inbox Sprint

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This Sprint offers:

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    Lifetime access to course content: We iterate on our Sprints to ensure they maintain a high level of quality and effectiveness.

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    Clear-cut, actionable projects: Step-by-step projects guide you through the application of what you've learned, allowing you to walk away with tangible results.

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    Go at your own pace: Sprints are pre-recorded and self-paced, so you can fit them into your busy schedule. Tune in anytime, anywhere.

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    14-day refund guarantee: If you're not happy with the Sprint for any reason, let us know within 14 days, and we'll give you a full refund.

Looking to sign up multiple team members? Email help@demandcurve.com for team discounts.

Have questions? We’ve got answers

How much does the Sprint cost?

The regular price is $199. We want our Sprints to be as accessible as possible to startups.

Am I a fit for Own the Inbox?

If you manage or help manage your company’s email strategy, then you need to understand the fundamentals taught in Own the Inbox. 

Tell me more:

If you’re the solo email marketer at your company, then Own the Inbox can help you sustainably scale your email program without getting penalized in the process of trial and error. And if you share responsibility over an email strategy with teammates, then you could all benefit from taking the course together for shared accountability.

To get the most out of the program, all participants should have base-level email marketing knowledge and experience. Even just a few months of producing and sending mass emails is enough. However, if you have zero email marketing experience, this program isn’t right for you.

I’m starting a new email program from scratch—will this work for me?

Absolutely! In fact, that is the perfect stage to sign up for Own the Inbox. If you can establish a strong deliverability system from day 1, you’ll be light years ahead of the competition. Most importantly, you’ll avoid the wasted time, stress, and performance issues that you’d otherwise face through your own experimentation.

I already have a large email list—what about me?

The same fundamentals taught here are relevant for companies that have 5,000 subscribers as well as those with millions. Thanks to his experience scaling Grammarly from 0 to 3 billion emails per year, our instructor Drew will break down the nice-to-have vs. must-have practices so that you can decide what’s best for your company.

Is deliverability really that big of a deal?

Many companies suffer deliverability rates far below 70%. Let’s look at how that could impact emails sent to your Gmail subscriber base over the course of one year. 

Lost emails translate into lost impressions and a reduced impact.

Is there a refund policy?

You bet! If you aren’t happy with the course for any reason, let us know within 14 days and get a full refund.

How long will I have access to the course material?


How are Sprints different from other courses?

Most courses are bloated, overly theoretical, and outdated. Some bring in big names, regardless of if they’re actually strong practitioners or instructors. Others are taught by experienced practitioners who don’t have teaching experience. Or worse, they’re created by pseudo-experts—teaching you downright bad information.

In our opinion, most courses have it backwards. They’re looking for ways to charge as much as possible. Things like:

  • Hiring famous instructors
  • Filming high-production videos on swanky sets 
  • Creating super long curriculums (because they think offering “100+ hours of video content” is a good thing)

What’s missing? None of these things benefits you.

And we think that explains why most courses have a shockingly low 3-5% completion rate. 

So, how are Sprints different? Well, they’re basically the exact opposite of most courses, with:

  • Expert practitioners (who have truly been there, done that)
  • Low-cost videos filmed in the home offices of our instructors (allowing us to keep Sprints affordable for you)
  • Concise, practical, value-packed curriculums (we work hard to cut out all the fluff and help you achieve what you signed up to achieve in as few words and videos as possible)

Sprints are designed for busy people who care more about results than consuming content. People who want to learn from those who have been in their shoes and already solved the problems they’re working on. People who believe it shouldn’t cost thousands of dollars to tap expert knowledge.

In short, Sprints are designed specifically for people who are building and growing startups.

Do you offer team discounts?

Yes. We offer discounts on orders for 5 or more team members. Reach out to us at help@demandcurve.com for more information.