The professional course that helps you acquire customers and grow revenue

Demand Curve provides a world-class marketing course combined with expert advice. Get the playbooks and data needed to get traction. Our team helps along the way.

We've helped companies like these (and 1000's of others) get traction and accelerate growth.

You won't just learn, you'll also implement tactics right away.


Other courses make you follow the same curriculum as everyone else. They also focus too much on theory and not enough on step-by-step playbooks to help you execute.

Demand Curve is different:

  • We have 30,000 startups in our community providing data on what growth and marketing tactics are working in 2021. And we have data from Bell Curve, our world-class agency that works with companies like Microsoft and Tumblr.
  • The top learnings feed into Demand Curve's written curriculum. We break down every aspect of acquisition and conversion into step-by-step playbooks and live workshops.
  • Plus, our growth advisors help design a custom path through the course.

Demand Curve is more customized than a typical course, has robust data to make sure you're in the right direction, and is much less expensive than a growth marketing agency.

Venn diagram of Agency and Marketing Hire combining into the DC Growth Program.

How the course works

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1. Read growth content

Read our in-depth marketing playbooks. They cover 30+ topics, including referrals, Facebook, landing pages, market research, content marketing, and so much more. They're the result of 8+ years of working with the world's fastest-growing companies.

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2. Ask your advisor questions

Our course is self-paced and comes with a dedicated growth advisor. They'll help you get unstuck as you work through the course and apply it to your company. They're an email away.

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3. Design an acquisition roadmap

Your dedicated advisor can help develop an acquisition strategy so that you know which parts of the course to ignore.

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Without Demand Curve
Random tactics
Graph depicting steady growth.
Demand Curve's Frameworks
process and iteration
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4. Implement learnings right away

Our course helps you see immediate growth wins; we're focused on getting you to implement your new learnings—not just read about them. Take advantage of the learnings of thousands of startup founders and marketers in our private community.

Thousands of happy founders and marketers

We've helped over a thousand companies get traction and grow revenue while leveling up their marketing skills.

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Working with Demand Curve was a game changer — the global team has gotten enormous value out of the work they’ve done with us. They’ve revamped how we think about lead generation via email and ads, and taught us a new rhythm around approaching and nurturing customers.
Masha Reutovski image
Masha Reutovski
Sr. Marketing Manager
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The Demand Curve team knows paid acquisition, conversion, landing pages, and a lot more very well. If you’re lagging behind on your growth skills, let them teach you what you’re missing.
Alex Kracov image
Alex Kracov
Head of Marketing
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I've learned so much as a new marketer that probably would have taken at least a few months and considerable stress. The confidence boost I have now when running campaigns and publishing projects is unparalleled.
Brent Jensen image
Brent Jensen
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The Demand Curve course might be the most valuable thing I've done for my career. They really helped me develop a growth mindset. The course allows you to tailor your experience to serve the needs of your business, and every project you do contributes to growth in a direct way. Best of all, you're able to get honest feedback from instructors.
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Candace Kim
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I'm a junior marketer at a startup preparing to aggressively begin paid acquisition. I knew enough growth to be useful, but I needed to know more to be very effective with ads. Demand Curve provided the hands-on feedback and walkthrough references needed to level up to senior-level skills.
Max Orshan image
Max Orshan
Growth Strategist
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These are the people we go to for growth advice. They pointed out what we needed to change in our Facebook/Instagram strategy and landing pages — and it made the difference.
Brian Krall image
Brian Krall
Lead Developer
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You learn the tactics Bell Curve uses to grow their clients. When I wrote the growth book, Traction, I hoped someone would build a course like this.
Justin Mares image
Justin Mares
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This is the team you want to learn growth from. They know every channel and every tactic. And they know how to scale efficiently.
Elie Schoppik
Elie Schoppik
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We landed two big meetings using their cold outreach strategy — while we were still in the course.
Wayne Anderson
Wayne Anderson

What you'll learn

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Real-world growth fundamentals

Learn the proper frameworks for product positioning, customer acquisition, conversion rate optimization, virality and more.

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Design your growth strategy

Our written curriculum and your dedicated growth advisor can walk you through the 100+ aspects of growth marketing. Learn which are relevant to your company—and only work on those.

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Build your funnel

Redesign your landing pages, marketing emails, onboarding flow, referral programs, and much more. Learn to significantly increase conversion. From copywriting, to design, to value propositions, you'll learn every aspect—you don't need another course.

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Launch and scale acquisition channels

Go deep on the inner-workings of every major customer acquisition channel—from ads, to content, to referrals, and everything else. See our examples of what good work looks like.

Grow your company with us

You're working with the best

We're Demand Curve. Our extensive growth knowledge comes from our world-class agency and our 30,000-strong marketer community. We run talks at Y Combinator, TechCrunch, and Google.

Who is our course for?

Over the past two years, we've proven that we're a great fit for startups of nearly every vertical, business model, and audience. Feel free to chat with us to confirm.

Our course is highly personalized for...

  • Early-stage founders and operators willing to learn marketing and execute on their own.

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    If you're investing in customer acquisition for the first time, you're a great fit.

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    If you've tested acquisition channels but struggle to get them to work, you're a great fit.

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    If you can't or don't want to hire agencies for $10k+ per month, you're a great fit.

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    Our content and mentorship are designed to work for nearly all types of products and industries—including B2C, B2B, ecommerce, mobile, and service businesses.

Who's not a fit?

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    Companies that grow exclusively through enterprise sales. We don't focus on sales.

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    Teams that don't want to learn and implement marketing work themselves.

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    Teams looking mostly for high-level theory. Our focus is tactical acquisition results.

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    Late-stage companies that already have massive scale.

If you fall into this group, our agency, Bell Curve, can help you scale.


Our Startup Growth Program is inexpensive compared to hiring a new marketer, contractor, or agency.

Startup Growth Program



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B2B, B2C, and Ecommerce

Master customer acquisition. We'll help you run experiments, get results, and optimize. Get our help along the way.

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    Your growth advisor works with you to create a custom growth strategy for your business. Your program experience is tailored to your strategy.

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    Get lifetime access to all course content.

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    Lifetime access to our private Slack community.

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    6 months of growth advisor access.

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    6 months of live workshop access.

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    Flexible payment plans.

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    7-day refund policy. No questions asked.

What our community has to say

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Questions we're most often asked on calls.

What will I be capable of doing after the program?
  • Finding new ways to get customers for your business.
  • Intelligently validating startup ideas.
  • Finding the email addresses of your ideal customer.
  • Writing cold emails that compel people to respond.
  • Writing content that gets you customers, not just readers.
  • Making ads that people click. For the right reasons.
  • Sourcing high-quality content writers.
  • Setting up referral programs that people actually use.
  • Writing, building, and testing modern landing pages.
  • Running ads on all the major channels, with real best practices from the industry.
  • Tracking everything your visitors do on your site.
  • Creating a high-converting onboarding experience.
I'm in a different time zone than the United States — can I still take the program?

Yes, absolutely. The course can be taken from anywhere in the world.

Do you offer a refund policy if the program ends up not being a good fit?

Yes! We offer a 7-day 100% refund policy for the Growth Program. This is designed to give you plenty of time to review the curriculum and confirm the content and structure is a fit for what you need.

How is this better than other growth courses, training programs, etc.?

1. Other courses are full of filler, with very little application.

Other courses are focused around long, extremely comprehensive and theoretical content. And while there’s a time and place for that type of program format, it leaves very little room for real-world application. We do things a little differently.

Above all else, our programs are designed to produce growth results as efficiently as possible. We do this by flipping the traditional teaching process/program structure on its head. Instead of optimizing for things like high page counts — which leads to program that are 80% reading and only 20% doing — we work hard to include only the best content so the bulk of your time is spent doing real growth work. In fact, our programs are structured to be 20% reading and 80% implementing what you’ve learned.

2. Other courses don’t offer mentorship, feedback, and support.

With the Growth Program, you get 1-on-1 mentorship and tactical feedback from our team. You can also ask our growth advisors questions on our forum at any time. Plus, you’ll join a community of founders and companies working to help each other grow.

3. Other courses are designed for very senior growth practitioners and late-stage companies.

These programs are fantastic for those looking to learn advanced theory and high-level skills. Our program is designed for those looking for actionable frameworks, strategies, and tactics that can be applied immediately to begin growing their businesses.

4. Other courses only focus on 1-2 channels.

Many programs dive into just one topic, such as learn how to run Facebook ads. Our Growth Program goes much deeper. We teach you how to develop a growth strategy, build and manage growth channels (ads, content/SEO, cold outreach, etc.), design landing pages, optimize your conversion rates, and much more.

How personalized is the program?

Every company’s growth strategy will be unique. Your Demand Curve program will be no different — this is not a generic, templated course.

With the Growth Program, you're assigned a dedicated growth advisor. Your advisor will take the time to understand your business, product(s), and growth goals to help you build a custom growth strategy and tailor the program accordingly.

How? We’ve produced program content and projects covering 50+ topics for each industry. Just as a good CMO or Head of Growth would create a prioritized roadmap of growth opportunities, you and your advisor will identify and prioritize the topics most relevant to your business to create a custom plan.

Your advisor will also review and provide feedback on your major deliverables, as well as help you adjust priorities as you get learnings and results throughout the program.

How is this worth the price?

Quite frankly, because it works. You’ll acquire the skills that 1000’s of companies have used to produce hundreds of thousands and even millions in incremental revenue. We strongly believe (and have data to prove) that the program is one of the highest-ROI investments a company can make.

For example, take a look at this case study on how we helped Doopoll increase their revenue by 800%.

Or this one describing how Astra increased their conversion rates by 2x and their monthly active users by 4x.

Many companies hire premium agencies and consultants for $10,000+ per month and never see those kinds of results. And that’s why we stand by our claim that for a single payment of $2,500, this program is one of the best investments a company can make.

What if I want more mentorship and feedback?

The Growth Program comes with 6 months of mentorship and review sessions. For those who need additional time to finish the program or simply want to extend their access to their advisor, we offer an affordable extension plan.

How does it work day-to-day?

Here’s the general process:

  • Each module begins with fundamental readings. For example, if you’re learning to write landing page copy, there are readings on how to write a good landing page.
  • Then you start the project itself. Keeping with our landing page example, the project will walk you through the process of actually writing the copy for your landing page.
  • While you do the project and readings, you can ask our advisors questions about tricky concepts and any places you get stuck. You'll also have an active community of top marketers and founders to bounce ideas off of.
  • For some key projects, you’ll submit your work for your advisor to review.
  • Your advisor will then review your work and provide feedback on how to take it to the next level.
  • You use their suggestions to improve your project and then launch it.

Everything is asynchronous so you can do the work on your own time and at your own pace.

How long will it take for me to finish the Growth Program?

On average, it takes 2-3 months to complete the program. This is for busy professionals that are balancing a full-time job and working on the course a few hours per week as their schedules permit.

Those that can carve out more time for it can generally knock it out in less than 2 months.

But we give up to 6 months of mentorship so you can finish the program with plenty of flexibility and cushion. Life happens, so even if you have to take a few weeks off the program to handle the inevitable fire, you’ll still have plenty of time to get through everything.

We also offer an affordable extension plan, and you will continue to have access to the content for life.

I’m an experienced growth marketer trying to up my skills, is the program right for me?

It depends. If you’re a senior growth marketer with years of experience with most major of the acquisition channels, as well as working across the full funnel, then our program may not be for you.

On the other hand, a specialist (e.g. someone with 5 years of email marketing experience but little exposure to other channels) looking to broaden their knowledge base may get a lot of value from our programs.

It also heavily depends on your goals. If your primary goal is focused on education and achieving a deep mastery of a subject, there are better programs out there for your purposes. But if your goal is producing growth results ASAP, or learning how to set up growth channels in a fraction of the time it would take you to learn it on your own, then the program could be a great fit.

Who should take the program?

Our program is a fit for anyone looking to learn how to acquire new customers and scale their business through modern channels, tools, and frameworks: primarily founders and business owners, junior marketers, startup employees, and even senior marketers who come from a different area of expertise and/or want a refresher on the latest channels and tactics.

The program is also highly valuable for mature companies looking to revamp and modernize their growth and marketing functions, or to train up their team.

Should I hire a marketing agency or full-time marketer instead of doing the program?

Marketing agencies and full-time hires are great options for many companies. But they come with their own set of pros and cons when compared to our programs.

The major upside is the expertise and bandwidth they bring to the team. The biggest downside — especially for cash-strapped startups — is the high cost. Good agencies generally start at a minimum of $5,000/mo (many charge much more). Full-time hires can easily cost $100,000+ per year. They also come with a level of risk and commitment that shouldn’t be ignored. A full-time hire is a long-term investment. And many agencies require commitments between 6-12 months. So, if you have the budget and mainly need additional labor to scale acquisition channels that are already working, then hiring may be a good idea.

However, if you’re tight on budget and your primary goals are building a foundation for growth, and testing acquisition channels to start getting traction, then we recommend starting with our program. We’ll teach you how to produce the same results as an agency or full-time hire, at a fraction of the cost and without the risk.

In addition to the cost of the program, how much should I budget for running ads?

An ad budget isn’t necessary to be successful with the program. If you’re solely interested in testing organic channels, we’ll help you build a custom strategy and tailor your program accordingly. i.e. we’ll help you identify and test the best organic channels for your business/product.

That being said, if ads are part of your strategy, a large ad budget isn’t a requirement. While a budget of $3-5K USD is generally enough to gauge the potential of 2-3 different ad channels, we can also tailor your program if you have a smaller budget. For example, if you can only put aside $500-1,000 for ads, instead of having you test multiple ad channels, we’ll customize your plan so you focus on the single ad channel most likely to succeed.

If you’re at all uncertain, we encourage you to schedule a call with us.