Growth Newsletter #121

May 23, 2023

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You may have noticed a new section in our newsletter last week: a community spotlight! We’ll be using this space to celebrate wins from the Demand Curve community.

If you've found success with any of our tactics, we'd love to hear about it. Share your growth wins here—you just might get featured in an issue of the Growth Newsletter.

Here are a few things we’re excited about this week: 

  • Nick Costelloe, former Demand Curve Head of Content, is running his first marathon this weekend! Congratulations, Nick, we’re all cheering you on 👏
  • Huge props to Eric Partaker for being recognized as one of the Top 20 UK LinkedIn Creators. Eric was in the first cohort of the Un-ignorable Challenge and is now at 70k followers…and counting 💯.
  • Shoutout to Nathalie Lussier, founder of Access Ally, for all her recent podcasting success! Since going through Un-ignorable, Nathalie’s spoken on four podcasts. None of those appearances required any pitching on her end.

Speaking of Un-ignorable, we've just launched a new free email course: Un-ignorable Hooks. As you might've guessed, it's all about crafting killer hooks, with a breakdown of the 12 hook types used in top-performing posts. Sign up to get practical hook tactics and examples straight to your inbox.

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